Innovations 4 Industry meet in Crop Science

Innovations 4 Industry meet in Crop Science


About The Event

The Innovations 4 Industry Meet aims at making partnerships that can provide private agencies access to new, cutting-edge scientific expertise and knowledge, and technologies in Agriculture, held by the public sector. We invite agents of change and growth in the market economy and who can accelerate the generation, dissemination and application of innovative ideas.


Highlights of the event

The event will consist of an exclusive technical conference, featuring technical presentations and panel sessions. It will provide a topical arena for industry professionals to enhance their technical knowledge, share ideas with scientific community and formulate new business plans.


The meet also presents a one day exhibition for providing an innovative showcase of technologies from seven prestigeous research organisations specialising in the field of Crop Science. It will provide an opportunity to witness a wide range of knowledge based and entrepreneur-ready technologies.

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