Innovation Excellence By Thinking In New Boxes

Innovation Excellence By Thinking In New Boxes


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About The Event

Participants: Managers – Project Leads – Quality – Process Leads & Team Members


Workshop Methodology: Interactive & Participatory Case Based Reasoning & Facilitation


Workshop Content Coverage – Outline Of Topics [2 Days]:


[Schedule: 9:15-10:45AM / 11-1PM / 1:45-3:15PM / 3:30-5:30PM]



  1. Understand how Thinking In New Boxes can help Organizations to achieveInnovation Excellence
  2. Evaluate Role of Thinking Framework In Innovation Excellence
  3. Apply New-Box Thinking concepts and techniques applicable to any Industry
  4. Diagnose Performance Gaps By Baselining & Benchmarking
  5. Present Possible Transformation Solutions & Change Management
  6. Comprehend the “Big-Picture” for Decision Making by SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
  7. Evaluate the impact of output and outcome towards Strategy Execution
  8. Develop Alternative Ideas Through “New-Box” Thinking Framework


Duration: 2 Days


  1. Real-World Experience Simulation between Facilitator & Participants
  2. Participants will be led in a Directed Learning Mode, not Just with Facilitator’s one-sided Lectures
  3. Combination of Presentations and Examples from Facilitator and Interactive/Hands-On Participants’ Exercises with Individual/Group Report-Outs
  4. Experiential workshop environment where participants will be educated to take risks and make adjustments based on their results from Role-Plays before approaching large real-time projects.


Content Outline:


1. Introduction to New-Box Thinking For Innovation Excellence

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Customer Centricity
  • Strategy Execution



2. New-Box Thinking For Innovation Excellence

  • Divergent & Convergent Thinking – Guidelines & Tools
  • Roles In New-Box Thinking: Client, Facilitator & Resource Group
  • Statement Starters: Imagine The Future, Find The Questions & Plan For Action



3. Stages In New-Box Thinking Framework For Results

  • Objective Finding
  • Fact Finding
  • Problem Finding
  • Idea Finding
  • Solution Finding
  • Acceptance Finding


4. New-Box Thinking & Idea Finding Techniques

  • Inverse
  • Forced Connections
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Six-Thinking Hats


5. Brief Concept Introduction to Strategic Thinking Tools & Techniques

  • New-Box Thinking Concepts For Strategy Execution
  • Process, Brain & Mind Mapping
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Blue / Red Ocean Analysis




6. Developing Innovative Solutions for Organization Problems

  • 5W1H [What - When - Where - Who - Why - How]
  • Going Beyond 5W1H: "Why Not" Analysis - Transformation & Innovation for Biz ProcessReengineering leading to Business Performance Management


7. Innovation Driven by Everyone’s Attention [IDEA]

  • Effective Brainstorming Techniques
  • Idea Generation Template For Innovation & Transformation Excellence



8. Individual / Team / BU / Organization Specific Biz Challenge - EGO

[Expectation - Goals - Objectives] Analysis - Solution Finding



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