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"INNER IMAGE/ OUTER IMAGE" in a Personal Stream with Khalid Tyabji


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About The Event

The workshop seeks to introduce a personal method of work and will focus particularly on taking an external image into the body and of creating external actions/movement on the basis of imagined, dreamt or absorbed images. During the workshop, participants will learn a few precise physical elements that aim at awakening, opening and freeing the organism- muscles, breath, spirit and mind - thereby helping it to experience, express and relate to the self and the world to the fullest possible degree. Although supremely physical and partially aimed at extending the possibilities of the human being as an instrument of expression, these elements are oriented towards the awakening of an inner life - a dialogue with the self and with the world - than corporeal virtuosity in itself. Open for all!

ABOUT KHALID TYABJIKhalid Tyabji is a performer and teacher of performance, engaging in a form of theatre that is rooted in the human body. Over time, Khalid has developed a specific type of theatrical interaction, later named General Tomfoolery, with tribal people in Bastar.He has worked as an actor at the Second Studio of Wroclaw in Poland, created a number of solo performances, and acted in several productions by Lech Raczak. Since 1989, Khalid has been Visiting Professor at the National School of Drama in Delhi and a number of universities. 

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