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About The Event

Learn the most powerful principles of Influencing skills in a first of its kind intensive 3 day session in Delhi from Rajagopalan Sreekumar - a person who has been working on it for the last 15 years.


Sreekumar brings comparative research, real life application, experimentation and a lot more depth than what is traditionally available in the standard books on Influencing and Persuasion.


Sreekumar presents it in a highly interactive, experiential and memorable way, integrating various disciplines of study.


We explore influencing beyond what has been presented in typical marketing books.



We go deeper than Robert Cialdini's seminal work in the field of persuasion.



Won't you be there in the first and only event of its kind in Delhi?



Only 15 seats left.



The price is a killer; unlike any workshop you've attended so far.



Contact me at 9868175877 to know your eligibility for the workshop.



See you.



The skill of communicating effectively to achieve objectives, persuading others and getting things done through others is essential for everyone. Children are effective persuaders. So can we too become effective persuaders.



At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to:
• Understand the difference between influencing, manipulation and being influenced
• Identify and describe the covert influencing tricks they are subject to on a daily basis
• Develop strategies to counter manipulative tactics
• List, describe and apply influence triggers for their day to day requirements in a honourable way
• Choose influencing strategy(s) as per the demands of a specific situation



Workshop content:
• Basic models of communication and why communication goes wrong
• Why influencing skills become crucial for our effectiveness
• Foundation to influencing – modern day information deluge, Blink! and the Amygdala traps
• Influencing vs being influenced
• Influencing and manipulation
• Covert vs overt influencing
• Influencing what?
• The 3 needs for effective persuasion
• The 3 requirements for effective persuasion
• Specific influencing triggers and laws
• States and influencing: From Eric Berne
• 6 questions to effective influencing
• The pre-influence check-list
• Going beyond standard books on influencing to discover deeper, influential approaches



• Dynamic and Experiential
• Participative games, discussions, reflective and creative exercises
• Cognitive learning
• Video based learning
• Individual and group work
• Role plays and practice sessions
• Quizzes, reasoning and assessments



• Principle-centric and not ‘technique’-centric. Hence principles can be applied universally and be used to develop strategies on a case to case basis
• Values participants as honourable, deserving and trustworthy human beings and does not treat them as commodities in a transaction
• Based on principles of Trust, Gift work and Generosity.
• Happening in the vibrant, energised, blessed environment of Zorba, The Buddha.


Terms & Conditions

  • You can register by paying Rs.3,500/- + ST as your cost of food, tea, snacks, venue charges etc.
  • Rest of the payment would be developed creatively and collaboratively by all the participants at the workshop. It will not be restricted to money alone. Please talk to Sreekumar at 9868175877 to understand how this unfolds.
  • Prior registration is a must for the workshop.

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