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Sunaina hosts Indradhanush Dilli 2012 - A  Three Day festival of Indian Classical Dance forms by artistes from all  over the India who will showcase their talent in this festival.An  innovative attempt by Director Guru Smt Kanaka Sudhakar -

Indradhanush Dilli 2012


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Sunaina hosts Indradhanush Dilli 2012 - A Three Day festival of Indian Classical Dance forms by artistes from all over the India who will showcase their talent in this festival.

An innovative attempt by Director Guru Smt Kanaka Sudhakar - founder of Sunaina- Society for the Upliftment of National Arts of India to uplift and propagate the classical and folk arts of India through the performances of upcoming stars and young professionals who have taken classical dances as their career, will be presented at ICCR auditorium from 14th to 16th January 2012 from 6 pm onwards. The name INDRADANUSH itself signifies variegated splendour of our seven Classical traditional dance forms and also their integrity in belonging to one nation, India. All Classical dances have their origin in the shastras, the Natya Veda. They all comprise of Nritta- the pure dance aspect, Nritya - the expressional dance aspect, Abhinaya - the sentimental or emotional aspect and Natya - the dramatic element. But they have also their individuality in the fact that they have their own styles and language of presentation and expression.

Founder Director of Sunaina, Guru Smt Kanaka Sudhakar said, 'Indradhanush has, since its inception in 2008, benefited and presented about 100 young artistes from all over the globe and also presented seminars on the 'Therapeutic and Beneficial effects of Indian Classical dance forms on the development of the mind and body of a learner'. Directed by Kanaka Sudhakar who herself has conducted research work on this topic, the seminars in these four years have given opportunities to stalwarts of Classical dances like Saroja Vaidhyanathan, Swapanasundari, Deepti Omcheri, etc to speak and share their experiences of the benefits of Classical Dances. Doctors, Yoga experts, Special therapists and even physiotherapists have participated in these seminars and acted as eye openers for the audiences. The festival which always lasts for three days also joins hands with social work organizations like SPOWAC and We Can (by OXFAM) and uses this platform to enlighten the public on social issues like women and child welfare, domestic violence, prohibition etc.

In Indradhanush Festival of Indian Classical dances for young professionals we pay tribute to these youth who are not only the messengers of these art forms but also its protectors. In Indradhanush 2008 we had young talented participants from Delhi State. In INDRADANUSH 2009 we had participation from all over India - Calcutta, Bangalore, Orissa, and Manipur. In Indradhanush 2010 and 2011 the participation reached an International level with artistes from around the globe - Croatia, Iran, Dominican Republic, Russia. This year, Indradhanush Dilli 2012, will again have active participation from emerging artists from far and wide.

DAY 1 - 05 PM Onwards
Seminar - 'Indian Classical Dance for Health and Spiritual Awakening' by stalwarts of the Indian Classical dance experts from India

Folk dance of Rajasthan (Delhi)
Kuchipudi by Prateeksha Kashi (Bangalore)
Bharatanatyam by Navia Natarajan (Bangalore)
Mohiniattam by Deepa Chakravarty (Kerela)
Group Bharatanatyam presentation by Pavitra Bhat and Disciples. (Mumbai)

DAY 2 - 06 PM Onwards
Folk Dance of Manipur (Delhi).
Tala Vadya Nritya Lahiri- Jugalbandi between Bharatanatyam and various percussion instruments (Delhi).
Kathak by Tanvi Palav (Mumbai).
Odissi by the duo- Kaustavi Sarkar and Subikash Mukherjee (Kolkata).
Kathak by Sangitra Chatterjee (Gurgaon).

DAY 3 - 06PM Onwards
Folk Dance of Punjab (Delhi).
Kuchipudi by Sree Lakshmy (Hyderabad).
Kathakali by Probal Gupta (Bangalore).
Odissi by Soumya Bose (Bhubaneshwar).
Manipuri Classical Dance and Folk Dance by Prem Manipuri Dance Cultural Group (Manipur).

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