INDIZEN 2012 - The 3rd National Convention on Operational Excellence

INDIZEN 2012 - The 3rd National Convention on Operational Excellence


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INDIZEN 2012 - The 3rd National Convention on Operational Excellence is being held on 14th and 15th February 2012 at Pune. Brought to you by the Kaizen Institute ( the global leader in Operational Excellence.

The next wave in Operational Excellence will be LEAN & GREEN. Thus for the first time ever in India, we shall explore how LEAN & GREEN can co-exist. Explore how to apply and benefit from this two prong approach.


When Kaizen/ Lean and Green thinking comes together, it has the potential to reduce the amount of waste generated across the value stream! from raw and unprocessed materials left over in the manufacturing processes to much more!! As you kill waste along the value stream, you also examine on how to save on, water, energy, while keeping the pollutants low.

For example, an aluminium door and window manufacturing facility conducted SMED (Lean tool) events to reduce the amount of paint wasted per changeover from 50 gallons per day to less than 10 gallons. Paint disposal costs dropped by as much as Rs. 1.4 Cr annually! and paint and solvent disposal were reduced by more than 40 percent - a very Green impact!Using a cross-functional team, they identified waste elimination opportunities that impacted both the bottom line and the environment!

Lean to Green Manuffacturing......the leading similarity between the benefits of lean and the benefits of green is waste, and so it makes perfect sense that in order to achieve higher levels of environmental performance, your organization must first adopt the principles and practices of lean manufacturing and then superimpose Green thinking on Lean thinking!

Join us in this conclave to understand how these two big themes of the future, come together, stay together and deliver more together!

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