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    Going Solo - India's only theatre festival of solo performances launches in October 2013

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About The Event

Going Solo - India's only theatre festival of solo performances launches in October 2013, with shows in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, with 3 shows in 3 cities totaling 18 performances across 12 days!

Featuring globally celebrated actors staging award winning plays for the first time in India, the festival aims every year to provide Indian audiences with the best selection of exceptional single-actor performances.

The festival hopes to expand across the country in the coming years, adding performances and locations to establish Going Solo as a celebration of stellar acts of Solo Theatre from across the globe.

Presented by Teamwork, featuring plays as seen at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The festival is programmed in three cities of India i.e., Bangaluru, Delhi & Mumbai. It will have three different solo plays presented by the well known British artist Pip Utton & Jailoshini Naidoo from Durban.

The solo festival consists of three palys named as "Churchill" , "At the Edge" & "Adolf".

British actor and playwright Pip Utton’s latest monodrama, Churchill, provides audiences with the privilege of spending 70 minutes in the company of one of the world’s most famous has-beens, the ever-entertaining Winston Churchill.

Ronnie Govender’s “At the Edge” and Other Cato Manor Stories offers a look into Cato Manor from the 1940s until its destruction in 1958/9 through a series of narratives.  A one-woman show performed by renowned actress Jailoshini Naidoo, the play raises larger questions about South African Indian identities—questions of alienation, exclusion, exoticism, and belonging.

Adolf’s first act draws heavily on quotes from Mein Kampf to explore Hitler’s inner world, revealing to contemporary viewers the inherent absurdity of his political beliefs. The play then endeavors to illustrate the ways in which his skewed logic lives on in modern societies.

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