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Indian Sustainability Congress (ISC­) envisaged to be an Annual event with facets of Thought Leadership, Recognition and Rewards for Achievers, Products and Technology Demons

Indian Sustainability Congress


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About The Event

Indian Sustainability Congress


Indian Sustainability Congress (ISC­) envisaged to be an Annual event with facets of Thought Leadership, Recognition and Rewards for Achievers, Products and Technology Demonstrations, Trade Fair, Vendor Development, Collaboration and Networking opportunities.


Towards this, Indian Sustainability Congress intends to engage with the Departments of the Government of India, Government of Karnataka, International Organisations, Research Institutions and Associations working towards growth of Sustainable Technologies and Products. Various Indian and International Enterprises working in building the Sustainable Technologies and Products will exhibit and demonstrate their expertise in the area of Sustainability.


The purpose of the Indian Sustainability Congress is to exchange emerging ideas and explore Technologies towards protecting the environment and optimizing natural resources so as to achieve sustainable development and societal benefits through the generations. The congress will provide a common platform for engineers, researchers, innovators, practitioners, investors to interact and collaborate to achieve overall sustainability from a systems perspective, using engineering & technological innovations.





  1. Sustainability for Future Generation

  2. Using sustainability to drive business innovation and growth

  3. Government Schemes and Opportunities for Sustainable Technology & Product Development

  4. Investment opportunities and challenges in Sustainable Technologies & Products

  5. Opportunities and challenges in Technology transfer and licensing

  6. Sustainable Technologies and Products last mile implementation

  7. CSR spend mandate for Public companies and limitations


Sub­ Themes for Call For Papers


  1. Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency 

  2. Cutting Edge Clean Technologies

  3. Sustainable Design and Productization

  4. Sustainable Innovative Technologies Products and Systems 

  5. Green IT and Information Systems

  6. Knowledge on Innovation and Sustainability

  7. Education for Sustainability

  8. Life Cycle Assessment

  9. Human Built­Systems

  10. Social Responsibility Projects

  11. Community Development Initiatives

  12. Climate Change Program



Parllel Sessions

Connect Collaborate Co­create Cultivate ISC starts with connecting the participants well before the scheduled congress in December and enable mutual (pre­screened) interaction and enables collaboration. Provides platform for Investors and Government agencies to engage and establish partnerships with Entrepreneurs in Sustainability space to build alliances for greater good, Commercially and socially.


CSR Government Mandate NGOThe Mandatory CSR Bill opens up enormous opportunities in the area of social development. The whole landscape of social responsibility is going to change dramatically. ISC is facilitating this through a platform for CSR departments of the organizations to reach out to quali?ed NGO’s to share their CSR philosophy, their quali?cation criterion, engagement terms, working methodology, Project evaluation process and also for NGO’s to pitch for CSR support from these Organizations for their Social and Sustainable development efforts. 

Sustainability Achievers Awards:

  1. Sustainability Achievers Awards are to Recognize and Reward People contributing towards building an Infrastructure for Sustainable Technologies & Products, Developing Sustainable Technologies, Developing and commercializing Sustainable Products.

  2. Contribution in Policy making and Academic or Research towards Sustainability.

  3. Contribution to CSR initiatives and CSR implementations.

Who Must Attend? 


  1. CEOs

  2. Presidents

  3. Directors

  4. Policy Makers

  5. Investors / Fund Managers s

  6. Heads of Government Departments

  7. Heads of Sustainability Development

  8. Heads of CSR

  9. Heads of Strategy and Planning

  10. Chair persons / Head of NGOs

  11. Directors and Heads of Institutions and Research Centers

  12. Heads of International Funding Agencies



Take Aways

  1. Two Full days of Conference and discussions by Global Thought Leaders

  2. International Speakers and Subject matter Experts

  3. Opportunity to build Business and collaborate

  4. Opportunity to explore Associations, Afliations, Partnerships and Funding

  5. View to Sustainable Technologies & Products

  6. Opportunity to Network 


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