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Indian Startups
Mini Convention
Date & Time 
Oct 11, 2015, 9 AM - 5 PM
ISTTM Business School
Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI)
Kautilya  Block, Old Bombay Road, Gachibow

Indian Startups - Mini Convention - Hyderabad-Jan2016


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About The Event



Indian Startups

Mini Convention



Date & Time 

Oct 11, 2015, 9 AM - 5 PM



ISTTM Business School

Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI)

Kautilya  Block, Old Bombay Road, Gachibowli



Indian Startups Mini-Con is a one day startup convention bringing together entrepreneurs, startups, CEOs, Cofounder, Investors, Beta folks and students interested in activating and growing startups. Join experienced entrepreneurs and mentors in conversations around topics including: - Cofounder Search - Beta Launch - Startup Showcase - Founder Dating - Mentor Q & A - CEO round table - Startup Exchanges – Startup Job Fair. Come join us for intensive networking sessions with startups, entrepreneurs and mentors and potential employees.


Agenda for the Mini-Con



Parallel Sessions / Display Stalls / Desks


Registration & Networking

 Parallel CEO Sessions all through


Inaugural session

Vendor Stalls

Startup Launch Stalls

Startup Showcase Desk

Beta Club Enrollment Desk

Co-working Enrollment Desk

Cofounder Enrollment Desk

Startup Job Fair

Freelancer Enrollment 

Volunteer Enrollment Desk

Indian Startups Info Desk

Parallel CEO Sessions & Networking

And More…


How to start your Startup / Startup Opportunities in India


Tea Break


Cofounder Search  / 


Beta Club 


Lunch Networking  


Startup Showcase Session 


Co-working / Incubation Session 


Meet the Mentors 


 Job Fair & Networking 


Vote of Thanks



There are separate sessions for CEOs that include

Indian Startups Min-Con is a free event. However the attendees are expected to buy their lunch. Pre-registration is necessary for CEOs.


Buy Lunch Online: Rs.200 /-                      Lunch at the Venue: Rs.400 /-

CEO Lunch Online: Rs.500 /-                     CEO Lunch at the Venue: Rs.1000 /-

Vendor Booths:

-          Desk : Rs.5000 /-

-          Stall : Rs.10000 /-


* There may be space constraints and so attendees encouraged to confirm their participation online 

 The convention is oriented towards more interactive and networking sessions than speaker led presentations. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect and collaborate with fellow founders during the event.

 The Sessions during the daylong event include:

Cofounder Search

Beta Launch / Startup Launch

CEO Round Table

Meet the Mentors

Startup Job Fair

Co-working / Incubation

Startup Launch / Startup Showcase

Volunteer Enrollment

Luncheon Networking


CEO Forum Round Table

The CEO Forum is an offline and online place where Indian Startup CEOs/Founders/Managing Directors and those who are responsible for a business can exchange ideas, get answers, solve problems, hear new ideas and share perspectives.

The following can join as members of the forum:  CEO / Managing Director / President / Founder / Chairman / Chief / Decision maker of a registered startup business

To maintain quality of the group and discussions, this group is for established startups / companies. The company must have been in business to become a member. CEO forum sessions are exclusive events reserved for CEOs.


Beta Club / Beta Launch

Are you looking for Beta Customers/ Users/ Early Adopters / Testers to validate / evaluate your idea / startup?


Looking to become yourself as a Beta Customer / User / Tester / Early Adopter of products & services of other startups?

Whichever side you are on, come join us in the Indian Startups Beta Club. The club provides you the platform to find Beta Customers or facilitates in becoming one.

The session would have startups launch their Beta Products and Services so they can attract early customers and adopters.


Cofounder Search

One of the critical things for a startup idea to take off is the cofounder and the founding team. Most startups fail in finding the right cofounder and team members. This is your chance to meet, network, discuss ideas and hopefully find your startup soulmate. This session is aimed at helping entrepreneurs find their cofounders for a startup.

Did you know that founding teams with multiple co-founders have a greater chance of success? If you’re looking for someone to join your venture, looking for a venture to join, or open to either, sign up and attend this local, in-person Meetup to discover the perfect co-founder to round out your team. You’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are as energized as you are about launching a new business and who possess a wide range of unique experiences, ideas, and skills.


Meet the Mentors

Indian Startups has done a great deal of home work to invite mentors to be present at this session. This is the golden chance to utilize the opportunity to get free advice from mentors and get all your startup questions answered. Please connect with Mentors in person and learn the nuances of entrepreneurship and how you can navigate through it. This is one important session that you don't want to miss


Co-work India

Co-work India Invites you to join the special interest group to find a local co-working space! or network  before you get onto the co-working bandwagon. Co-work India from Indian Startups is an ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and startup businesses by contributing resources, facilitating connections and providing adequate workspace and infrastructure to assist in their startup / business growth. We are creating a collaborative community to nurture entrepreneurship, foster innovation across India and for Indian in overseas, and we wish you to join us in this endeavor.


Startup Job Fair

Indian Startups Job Fair is an initiative from Indian Startups to help the Startup Companies / Founders to find employees or freelancers for their startup ventures / Big Ideas / Organizations. 

You could try finding the employees on a long term or hire a freelancer on a short term. Just announce your job at the session. Those who are interested in your job would be able to connect with you directly.

And for those job seekers looking to be part of great startup in the making, this is the opportunity to join those now-small-startups-but-future-giant organizations. This is the opportunity to find a great startup for your next job.


Startup Showcase / Startup Launch

Startup Showcase is an initiative to help Entrepreneurs / Startups showcase their early stage prototypes, products and services directly to the customers. This is a perfect low cost opportunity for showcasing / marketing startup ideas to the general public either to promote the business idea or to get the live feedback from the customers.


Indian Startups Volunteer Enrollment

To foster entrepreneurship and imbibe startup culture, Indian Startups conducts various free events across cities in India and overseas. 

Volunteers help in organizing these events so it has maximum outreach and successfully disseminating entrepreneurship skills.


Luncheon Networking

Indian Startups has started this series of Luncheon networking events on 1st Sunday of each month to assist you in connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs over a lunch and still enjoy your Sunday outside (most of the times along with your family too).



*Sponsors can sms 77998 33229 or email for more details

* Event Information and Venue are subject to change

About Indian Startups

Indian Startups is a community networking group for entrepreneurs through out India and across the globe to help venture new startups, nurture existing startups, encourage entrepreneurship, provide incubation facilities, co-working space, seed funding, crowd funding, investor connections, co-founders, mentors, advisers.  


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