Book Online Tickets for Sky Diving Camp, Bhopal. Hello Adrenaline Junkies,Hope you all Alive n Kicking!!!I know its been a crazy long wait for the Sky Diving Camp since May.Finally we got some good news now with no getting back!! We are doing the Commercial Sky Diving Camp in Dhana, India star

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Hello Adrenaline Junkies,
Hope you all Alive n Kicking!!!

I know its been a crazy long wait for the Sky Diving Camp since May.
Finally we got some good news now with no getting back!! 

We are doing the Commercial Sky Diving Camp in Dhana, India starting this October, 2011 immediately after the Diwali.

Camp dated on subsequent weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) post after October 28th, 2011 till December 6th, 2011.

The Location will be Dhana, 20kms off Sagour (Sagar) in Madhya Pradesh, well connected accessible by trains on main line from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, etc.

P.S.: Station - "Bhopal" for Express trains, and "Bina" for other trains


1. Tandem Jump (with an Instructor piggy backing you) -

Tandem jumping allows first-time jumpers to experience the thrill and excitement of the sport without the preparation and knowledge required for a solo jump. The instructor controls the jump from exit to opening and landing, so training for a tandem jump is minimal -- usually under two hours.
The student wears a harness which attaches to the instructor's parachute system. The pair exits the aircraft for a controlled freefall of up to 45 seconds from around 9000-10000ft above sea level. The instructor deploys the parachute approximately 5,000 feet above the ground and guides you to a safe, soft landing under an extra-large "ram-air" parachute. 

2. Static Line (Self Jump inclusive of 2-3 days or training) -

This conventional method is often used by the military but is also used in sport parachuting as the first step in skydiving training. A first static line jump course (5 Jumps) lasts from 2 to 3 days.
Most static line jumps are made approximately 4,000 feet above the ground. A line attached from the parachute to the aircraft opens the parachute as the student falls away. It takes about 300 feet before the parachute inflates completely. The parachute ride will take about five minutes, during which the student is guided to the ground by either radio contact or ground signals.

3. Accelerated Free Fall (1 day Ground training and at least 5 Static Line Jumps mandatory to go for the AFF) –

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) (also known Progressive Freefall) is called "accelerated" because the progression is the fastest way to experience freefall (for 40 seconds), normally from 10,000 to 14,500 feet "Above Ground Level" (AGL). In most AFF programs, two instructors jump with the participant during their first three AFF jumps, although some programs may use only one instructor. On the initial levels, the instructors hold on to the participant until the participant deploys their own parachute. The AFF instructors have no physical connection to the participant other than their grip on the participant, so once the participant's parachute is deployed the instructors fly away and deploy their own canopies.

Training Syllabus for Static Line Ground Training:


The dates for the registration would be from the 1st Sep, 2011onwards...

Costs: In INR includes:
All necessary Taxes and Discounts,
2 nights Hotel accommodation on Twin sharing basis,
All Breakfasts & Lunches during the duration of the camp.

Plz feel free to write to us on or call us on +91 9329723633/ +91 9820156817

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