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About The Event

Canon and Light Chasers both are committed to introducing you to the world of photo art and artists  under one roof. They have brought together INDIA KLIKS ’13 -a unique event that encompasses great opportunity for your best work to be adjudged by the jury drawn from various genres of photography; and presented for exposition before a large viewership in New Delhi and Agra through photo exhibitions and before the entire world through online displays.


The first phase of the event has concluded with the photo contest that received tremendous response by the time it closed down. The second phase is slated to happen at Agra in tandem with Taj Literature Festival (Dec 12 ~ 14, '13) where an exhibition of select entries will be held and a series of photo talks and workshops will be conducted with the legendary Taj Mahal in the backdrop. Further details on the Agra episode may be provided on request.


The third and the concluding phase will take place at Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi. The space per se an emblem of art, culture and heritage as all know. All the platforms available through different phases are good enough to entitle the participants with a chance to come across the life-changing experiences of and get acquainted with the acclaimed mentors who are ready to share their unparalleled techniques and skills. Their work will be curated by the people who know their business and can facilitate them to sell it through exhibitions and online displays. The event has offered a chance to win huge awards and prizes from Canon and other associates through the recently-concluded photo contest.


All said and done the significance of photography as one of the most effective mediums of artistic expressions with an easy accessibility to even a common man cannot be overlooked. Photography as a tool in hands knows no bounds of creativity and innovation and there should be no better way to enhance it than through the experts. So, whether you are a novice at camera or a busy photography professional, India Kliks has something to offer to you.


There is a super-league of experts from the world of photography that has agreed to share their knowledge and experiences; to critically review portfolios of the participants and mentor them individually .





Anamitra Chakladar

Anamitra is a cinematographer/photographer with over 2 decades of experience. He has done a variety of assignments that include TVCs, documentaries, photojournalism and commercial work including food and interior photography. Anamitra is also on the internationally acknowledged team of Foundry Photo where he works 2 weeks with students from across the world teaching Multi-media and using DSLRs to capture and edit videos.


Ashima Narain

Ashima’s photography and filmmaking has covered a diverse range of topics that have allowed her to wade through mudflats in search of flamingos in Mumbai, hide out in bear caves, climb sail masts in mid sea, dine with Maharajas and document the conditions of sari weavers in the holy city of Varanasi. As the photo editor of National Geographic Traveller India, she realized how much passion people have for photography, and how much is there a dearth of platforms to give direction and focus to their enthusiasm. She has since begun to conduct seminars and workshops for enthusiasts to encourage visual literacy. She was also a judge on the first ever photography based reality show on the National Geographic Channel called ‘Mission Covershot’. Ashima’s work has been published in National Geographic Traveller, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, Die Ziet, Teen People and her coffee table book ‘Dining with the Maharajas’ has been published by Roli Books.


Enjo Mathew

Photography and art go hand in hand for Enjo and he prefers being known as a Photo Artist. He has always been a dreamer. From childhood he visualized beautiful scenes and yearned to convert his imagination into visuals. As per Enjo, adding art to the photos requires vision and skills. He has been inspired by many great artists but for him to be recognized worldwide as a credible photo artist it was important to create his own unique style and that is exactly what has made his work always stand out.


Jasminder Oberai

Jasminder is a self taught photographer. Though he saw his father pursuing his hobby of photography very seriously and he very closely witnessed the dark room secrets, yet his love for the craft started very late. But when it did there was no looking back. As a photographer he does not restrict himself to any particular genre of photography. He likes to shoot mostly anything. He likes the challenge of shooting landscape one day to closeups the next while dabbling with portraiture the day after. He loves nature and great use of colors. So in most of his photographs you will see wide use of vibrant colors. In his own words, “Colors can give a whole new look to something rather mundane or something we are used to. To me that’s what I like the most about photography – looking at the world in new ways.” Today he is working relentlessly towards creating a platform for photo enthusiasts to learn and enhance their skill levels. He has started his own venture by the name Light Chasers and has associations with brands like Canon and Hasselblad.


Neeta Shankar

Neeta is a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer, based in Bangalore. Always a creative visualizer and a photography hobbyist she has been shooting professionally for about 2.5 years. Prior to that, she worked as an R&D Engineer in a leading IT company. She has her own version of how she would look at photography as a profession: It is the classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest and further to a cherished profession in her case. Today, her IT education augments her photography but it is photography that gives her the creative expression; enabling her to weave dreams out of real moments. Photography has taught her how one can strike work relationships with people in a matter of few minutes and actually have a whale of a time. Amidst the busy schedules, even when the body is relaxing out of sheer exhaustion, her mind feels a restless compulsion to go back to artistic work, its true nourishment. Pursuit of excellence is a heady drug she has gotten addicted to and it is her desire to improve and learn with every shot.


Sanjay Nanda

Sanjay Nanda is a graphic designer by profession and passionate about photography. Photography helps him release his intense creative urges and to communicate what he feels and sees. His experience as a visual designer helps him see beauty in mundane things. In his images he likes to use the interplay of light, textures, and colors to create unusual and complex forms that seduce the viewer. He has the ability to extract beauty out of ordinary surroundings and convert them into visually appealing images and at the same time using concepts and techniques that are grounded in the domain of fine art.

His photographic process involves a persistent scouring of the urban landscape for the uniquely unseen, compelling moments of light, texture and form, and, often times, decaying elements in the constructed environment. His works are attempts to extract and synthesize the less seen, yet strangely elegant, fragments of the urban landscape in order to reconstruct an urban aesthetic.

He runs IndiPix Gallery – a Fine Art Photography Gallery and Fine Art Digital PrintMaking Studio. Besides this he conducts photography workshops and leads photo tours. His select photography works are part of various private collections.


Subir Basak

Subir is an accomplished and gifted photographer with more than three decades of experience in photography. After doing his graduation in science he finished a comprehensive ‘Advanced Photography’ course from CHITRABANI, Kolkata in the year ’92. Once a photojournalist Subir is now a freelance photographer, who has got a worldwide recognition through the publication of his works in many books and the exhibitions held all over the world. His favorite subject is People and Their Culture and to pursue his passion he travels all across india. His major exhibitions have been held in Charnwood Arts, Loughborough, UK; Gala Art Gallery of Cleveland, USA, under the exhibition title “India, One country, different faces”; Science Storms Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, USA; and Gaganendra Prodarshonishala, Kolkata, India. He has worked with many international magazine publications. His images of people are always engaging and powerful and many of his photographs have been published in some of the top magazines and papers of the world like National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler Mag., The Sydney Morning Herald, Oxford University Press (UK), Ad People (Denmark) being a few.


Sudhir Shivaram

Sudhir Shivaram is a renowned wildlife photographer in India. His long and passionate association with photography began during his student days. What started out as an exploration of the enchanting world of camera gradually gained direction and came to focus upon wildlife.. particularly bird photography. He believes that wildlife photography is not underscored by photographic hardware and skills alone. A deep understanding of and concern for the wild environment ought to be an integral part of a good nature photographer’s ‘eye’ in order to be able to convey the spirit behind a picture. This green evangelist campaigns for wildlife protection around the world and gives freely of his time and images to raise awareness about nature and wildlife. He also talks about his work and the state of wildlife to young people across the country hoping to inspire and win their commitment to this cause so dear to him.

Sudhir is one of the brand ambassadors for Canon India and is part of the Canon Professional Photographers Panel aimed at providing value added services, holding photography workshops and photo tours for the Canon customers. He actively takes part in India Nature Watch team ( affairs and works full time as General Manager in an MNC heading a small software division.


Ravi Dhingra

Ravi pursued photography as a hobby till he joined Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi in 1998 to learn the finer nuances of the craft. With his photographs he tries to bring out the emotions attached with every subject- the state of happiness, feelings of being sad, neglect and plight. He wants the viewer to get involved with the photographs and feel the emotions. A chance assignment with a publication led to switching over from the hobby into a full fledged job. Since then he has been involved in Lifestyle photography which includes Interiors, Food, People and Product. He has been associated with leading publications, advertisement agencies and corporate clients and his work has been widely published in various books, magazines, brochures and on Web. Currently based in New Delhi, Ravi is also a visiting faculty for photography at various Institutes including National Institute of Fashion Technology since the year 2003.



Day 1 – 14th Feb. 2014


11.00 hrs: Start of Registration


11.00 to 13.00 hrs: Workshop by Sanjay Nanda on The Art of Composition


13.00 to 13.30 hrs: Lunch break


13.45 to 14.45 hrs: Workshop Photo Talk – Neeta Shankar – Contemporary Wedding Photography / Creating Art in Chaos


15.00 to 16.00 hrs: Photo Talk by Sudhir Shivaram


16.00 to 16.30 hrs: Lamp lighting and Opening of Exhibition


16.30 hrs: Welcome Address by Jassi Oberai – Director Light Chasers


16.30 hrs: Keynote by Dr. Alok Bharadwaj – Executive Vice President Canon India -Developing Photography Culture in India


17.00 to 18.30 hrs: Panel Discussion - Emerging Trends in Photography: What the Future Holds 


Panelists: Dr. Alok Bharadwaj, Sudhir Shivaram, Anamitra Chakladar, Ashima Narain, Neeta Shankar, Enjo Mathew


Moderator: Pankaj Anand 


End of Day 1


Day 2 – 15th Feb. 2014


10.00 to 11.15 hrs: Photo Talk by Subir Basak - Embrace Limitations – Drive your Creativity followed by Photo Walk at Dilli Haat


11.30 to 13.30 hrs: Portfolio Review I -by Sudhir Shivaram, Ravi Dhingra, Ashima Narain, Subir Basak


14.00 to 16.00 hrs: Portfolio Review II -by Neeta Shankar, Anamitra Chakladar Sanjay Nanda, Enjo Mathew


11.30 to 12.45 hrs: Photo Talk by Enjo Mathew Your Art is What You Imagine It to Be!


13.00 to 13.30 hrs: Lunch Break


13.45 to 15.00 hrs: Photo Talk by Ashima Narain – Importance of Photo Editing


15.15 to 16.30 hrs: Photo Talk by Sudhir Shivaram


16.45 to 17.45 hrs: Photo Talk by Neeta Shankar - Making a Living through Photography


16.00 to 19.00 hrs: Workshops by Canon


Canon Speedlite and Fashion Photography by Jasi Oberai and Hitesh Vig


Utilizing Macro Lenses by Hitesh Vig


End of Day 2

Day 3 – 16th Feb. 2014


07:00 to 09:00 hrs: Sudhir Shivaram Practical Shoot at Okhla Bird Sanctuary


10.00 to 14.00 hrs: Workshop by Enjo Mathew Create your Art!


10.00 to 14.00 hrs:  Workshop by Ravi Dhingra Food Photography


14.00 to 15.00 hrs: Lunch Break


15.15 to 16.30 hrs: Photo Talk by Jassi Oberai – See, Chase and Embrace Light


17.00 to 17.15 hrs.: Closing address by Kirat Sodhi – Chairman India Kliks


17.15 to 19.00 hrs: Rewards & Recognition and Closing Ceremony

End of Day 3


*Schedule is subject to change based on circumstances




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