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Meet up with the entire Western India’s Warehousing, Logistics & Supply chain industry!
Manch Communications is delighted to invite you to participate in the upcoming leading trade show focusing on Warehousing, Materials Handling, Cold

India Warehousing & Logistic Show,Ahmedabad, 17th to 19th November, 2011


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About The Event

Meet up with the entire Western India’s Warehousing, Logistics & Supply chain industry!

Manch Communications is delighted to invite you to participate in the upcoming leading trade show focusing on Warehousing, Materials Handling, Cold Storage and Supply Chain industry - INDIA WAREHOUSING & LOGISTICS SHOW 2011, which will be held in concurrence with India Material Handling & Logistics Show and India Cold Storage Show taking place from 17-19 November 2011 in University Grounds, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 

INDIA WAREHOUSING & LOGISTICS SHOW 2011 is a professional platform where managers, decision-takers, academics and specialists in the field of Warehousing, Material Handling, Cold Storage, transport logistics, and Supply chain will exchange their knowledge and experience.
For you, as a user of the services offered by these industries, it's a perfect opportunity to do business in only three days' time.

Good goals, Great results

Continuing the success of the India Warehousing Show 2011, the IWLS 2011 will be focus on the industries of Gujarat – A region having per-capita GDP significantly above India's average. During the three days, we invite you to gather at the event in order to network, make new contacts in an informal business setting, and maintain existing relationships.

In 2011, we all welcomed almost 6700 trade visitors at India Warehousing Show including some renowned decision-makers from a variety of logistics-related industries.

Why exhibit ?

Last edition, in Greater Noida, INDIA WAREHOUSING SHOW 2011 attracted 6,700 professionalsfrom all over India, establishing itself as the leading business event for the Warehousing, Material Handling & Supply chain community.

This trade show also owes its success to the fact that the Indian logistics sector today is a growth market. By year 2012, the Indian logistics market is expected to become a 4.5 trillion rupee market with an annual growth rate between 8-12%.

A growing number of Manufacturers and producers of goods want to outsource their Warehousing and logistics operations. 

Would you like to spend on trade shows - and meet more genuinely interested buyers? 
You get the chance to speak face-to-face to existing and potential clients. Participation requires a minimum of preparation (a few hours for the set-up + three days for the show itself) and minimal staffing for your stand.  

Through an extensive but targeted marketing campaign we promote this event directly to the decision makers from the sector. We make their visit as efficient and easy as possible by organizing the show in easily accessible venues and offering a specialized, focused programme. 

Participating in INDIA WAREHOUSING & LOGISTICS SHOW 2011 is essential, if your company offers solutions that help these visitors to cut costs, raise their profits, promote their brand and keep up-to-date with the current legislation. If that's what you do, then they want to meet you!  

For all involved: trade shows are time and cost efficient! 
You get everything you need at a fixed price. Upon arrival, everything you need is ready and waiting for you. Just turn up and do business! Regionally organized, trade shows are sales events "in the heart of your market".  They help you make new business contacts and sell your products and solutions to your target group for only a fraction of the price of a 'normal' trade show. They're like a sales visit in reverse: the new customers come to you!

Designed specifically for busy trade professionals from big, small to medium-sized enterprises, our show is focused, hype-free and therefore particularly attractive to exactly those buyers and decision makers you want to meet. 


  • Meet hundreds of qualified (potential) customers and partners
  • A low, all-inclusive price
  • Easily measurable ROI


  • Rapid face-to-face contact: just turn up and do business!
  • Two days of intensive selling
  • Easy to plan, book and participate

At the heart of your market

  • Organized regionally – We take the show to the buyers and influencers you want to meet
  • Specialized and focused – for qualified trade visitors only

Visitor promotion
Manch Communications gives you a complete programme with highly targeted promotional activities. This professional trade show focusing on targeted audience guarantees high quality footfall. We promote the show through a highly targeted marketing campaign, in close cooperation with prominent trade magazines and user organizations and relevant associations.

Plus, we give our Exhibitors as many invitations as you require and provide a variety of online and traditional communications tools to raise your visibility before, during and after the show.

 Visitors of INDIA WAREHOUSING & LOGISTICS SHOW 2011 want to:

  • Meet existing suppliers
  • Meet new suppliers
  • Get an overview of trends in the market
  • Attend demonstrations of new products
  • Collect information
  • Buy products
  • Network
  • Attend concurrent Conference

Who should exhibit?

  • Pumps, Pre-insulated Piping, Valves, Pipe Insulation, Water Treatment, Cooling Towers Products (Refrigeration)
  • Chilling Plant, Blast Freezers, walking coolers and special equipment for ice cream and diary industry.
  • Cold Storages-Condensing Units, Unit Coolers, Compressors/Racks, PUF Panels & Insulated Doors, Insulated Materials, Blast Freezer Panel Manufacturing Equipment, Loading Dock Equipment, Plate & Blast Freezers, Cold Rooms, Controlled Atmosphere Cold Rooms, Pre cooling Units, Transport Refrigeration,  Insulated Door-all type Refrigeration Accessories
  • Validation of Clean Room,  Energy Simulation & Green Building Design Others
  • Indoor Air Quality Products, Clean Rooms & Allied Equipment, Testing & Balancing Instruments, Geo Thermal VRF/ VRV Systems, Vibration Isolators, Duct & Pipe Supports, Air Curtains
  • Temperature control and thermal insulation technology and equipment, recorders, test equipment, humidification & dehumidification equipment, low-temperature instruments.
  • Cold chain transport services-cold chain logistics technology and equipment: Refrigerated trucks, envelope, refrigeration locomotives, cars insulation, refrigeration boxes, and other cold storage materials, vehicle refrigeration units and components; cold storage and refrigerated transportation management systems, bar code technology and RFID technology, tracking and identification system, cold chain distribution and procurement systems, food safety tracing system
  • Data Loggers
  • Pest Control Systems
  • Weighing Systems
  • Lifts & Conveyors Systems
  • Accessories- Lino Bags, Racks, Pallets, Woven Sacks, Ventilation Systems, Dehumidifiers, etc.

Who should visit?

Warehouse, Supply Chain and Logistics Heads from following sectors:

  • Ice Cream Manufacturers
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Food & Food Processing
  • Agro Produce
  • Pesticides
  • Liquor & Wines
  • Beverages
  • Bulk Drugs
  • Seafood
  • Dairy Products like- Butter, Cheese, Ghee.
  • Agro Products

Warehouse & Cold Storage Owners
Supply chain consultants


Warehousing & Cold storage Consultants
Supply chain & Logistics Companies
Building Consultant and Architects, Builders
Cargo Companies

Freight Forwarders & Custom Agents

Shipping Companies providing end to end solutions
Indian Fruit and Vegetable Businesses
Large format retailers and wholesalers
Banks and Financial Institutions
Packaging Service Providers
Ports, Terminals & Airlines
Government organizations
Relevant Government Departments
Trade Bodies & Associations
Laboratories/ Healthcare centers
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals 
Research Labs
Hospitality Industry- Hotels and Hospitals

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