India Leadership Network-Leaders\' Summit

India Leadership Network-Leaders\' Summit


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Leaders Summit 2010 is about collaborative leadership how citizens can take play a role in transforming life and society. The event would be a curtain-raiser for the initiatives of India Leadership Network with the view to engage its members in bringing together their views, ideas and thoughts on collaborative leadership, and how these can be converted into realistic initiatives. This also presents an opportunity to know like minded people. As India moves ahead to emerge as a global leader, it faces various challenges political, social and economical. Whether it is infrastructure, education, security, industry, healthcare or environment, not all can be resolved by the government. It is the collaborative leadership of individuals and organizations that will contribute to the development in a constructive, meaningful way. India Leadership Network has been identifying areas requiring action. We now want to engage members to examine ideas, strategies and projects that can help overcome the challenges. With 47000 members globally, many have shown enthusiasm and passion to take their role in this mission. It is time to translate it into reality. This is a first-of-its kind public initiative, and we believe that we have the capacity to take this mission from discussion to action. We look forward to your participation in the event.

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