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Indiajoy is an aggregator stage, uniting esteemed international events in a single place to unfurl new doors for Investors, Corporations, Studios, Content Developers, Delegates, Consumers, and students, through

Indiajoy 2018


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    Access to all events from 1st to 6th december - IGDC, Indywood Film Carnival, IGX expo, Playmax E-sp...orts, Pandora Music Festival, ADI Design Meetup, Unity Unite 2018, Asifa CG meetups, Lunch available from 4th to 6th December at HICC, Novotel.

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    Only Access to Expos and Free Events: access to IGX Expo, IGX and Playmax Esport Events, Indywood St...udent Events, Asifa CG Meetup, Bonfire

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About The Event



Indiajoy is an aggregator stage, uniting esteemed international events in a single place to unfurl new doors for Investors, Corporations, Studios, Content Developers, Delegates, Consumers, and students, through series of Networking, Trade Exhibitions, Product Launches, B2B and B2C occasions. Having the biggest number of partners partaking, including 15+ occasions, 1000+ Universal Guests, 25K Delegates, 30 Nations, and 50K media notices. Indiajoy is expecting no less than 100K footfall.

Indiajoy is a non-profit event facilitated by TVAGA (Telangana's 200+ company strong body of creative companies) and supported by Telangana Government. Crucially, the expo heavily promotes international business channels and enterprises, attracting the attention of hundreds of exhibitors.

Indiajoy is not just about business and meetings. To compensate for the seriousness of the activities,  the delegates will have an opportunity to experience different entertainment forms of India such as food, music, and dance that showcase the cultural diversity of different states.  With this event, evidently, Hyderabad is going to represent itself as a hub for media and entertainment and is set to grow at an incredibly fast pace. It has morphed into a great platform for film artists,   professional gamers, VFX professionals, animators, and many other professionals in the industry, in the past few years. We expect to see it grow even bigger and make its mark internationally. India joy Expo is a major step in the right direction.

Developers seeking financial investment should take note of Indiajoy, as countless business deals are made each year. As a convention, it’s most beneficial for developers, but there is plenty for gamers to enjoy. Some of the prominent events slated under the ages of Indiajoy includes India    Game  Developers  Conference (erstwhile INDIA GDC),      Unite India(Unity), Indywood ( Film & VFX ), International Animation   Day, Animation Express,  eSports(IGX), Google Developers Day, India Design Summit and many more.



Google "Indie Game Developer Day” Brings together developers from around the globe for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts,   and the first look at  Google's latest developer products.

Game Developers Conference (GDC) is India’s largest, the biggest confluence of game developers, publishers and decision makers in the ecosystem.  The event would be dedicated to the advancement of interactive entertainment through talks, panels, super-pitches, tutorials and more.




International Animation Day (IAD) is a global event that celebrates the art of animation, Bringing together delegates around India, to support and to Investment from multiple organizations. 

Animation Xpress has served as the nucleus of the Indian animation, VFX, gaming and comics industry online, since its inception.



India's Gaming Expo (IGX) is India’s largest and longest-running video games event, combining the fastest growing entertainment Industry with one of the world’s most rapidly expanding consumer



INDYWOOD is a platform to meet, connect and showcase the best of India’s numerous film industries with national and international stakeholders of cinema present.



  • Live entertainment, food and drink exhibitors to explore.
  • Experience the real flavors of India here showcasing the large array of winter flavors wafting through the air will bring your presence right to the Indiajoy this December.
  • Along with music and dance that represent the cultural diversity of different states


For more details about Indiajoy, you may go through our website You may also reach the organizing team for any business inquiries. For an event of this magnitude, there is an immense rush already because everyone wants to be a part of it! So we suggest that you hurry up with the registrations.

Individual Access ticket pricing vs Indiajoy all access

IGDC - 4950                                   vs                    Indiajoy - 8000 

Unite - 4720                                                          Providing access to all events 

INDY WOOD - 1000

Music Fest - 4000

Adds up to - 14,670



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Paid amount is not refundable.



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