India International trade fair

India International trade fair


About The Event

The India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) is pleased to announce the launch of the 33rd edition of the mega event, India International Trade Fair (IITF). The fair will be held during November 14-27, 2013. 

We thank all exhibitors and service providers for making IITF 2012 a grand success.  See you at IITF 2013.

Rapid and sustained poverty reduction requires inclusive growth that allows people to contribute to and benefit from economic growth. Rapid pace of growth is unquestionably necessary for substantial poverty reduction, but for this growth to be sustainable in the long run, it should be broad-based across sectors, and inclusive of the large part of the country’s labour force. This definition of inclusive growth implies a direct link between the macro and micro determinants of growth. The micro dimension captures the importance of structural transformation for economic diversification and competition.

Inclusive growth refers both to the pace and pattern of growth, which are considered interlinked, and therefore in need to be addressed together. The idea is to integrate both the pace and pattern of growth that are critical for achieving a high, sustainable growth record, as well as poverty reduction. This is a concept that encompasses equity, equality of opportunity, and protection in market and employment transitions as essential ingredient of any successful growth strategy. Here it is emphasized that the idea of equality of opportunity is in terms of access to markets, resources, and unbiased regulatory environment for business and individuals.

Inclusive growth focuses on ex-ante analysis of sources of, and constraints to sustained, high growth, and not only on one group. The analysis focuses on ways to raise the pace of growth by utilizing more fully parts of the labour force trapped in low-productivity activities or completely excluded from the growth process. This is in contrast to the pro-poor growth policy, which has traditionally focused on measuring the impact of growth on poverty reduction.

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