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 Event Brief:-
 India Dancing Superstar 2018-Season-2 is back with a bang and this time it is much more bigger and better and also going internationally. More than 30 cities across India. the au

India Dancing Superstar 2018- Season-2 Gurugram


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 India Dancing Superstar 2018- Season-2.

 Event Brief:-

 India Dancing Superstar 2018-Season-2 is back with a bang and this time it is much more bigger and better and also going internationally. More than 30 cities across India. the auditions will take place with Bollywood Celebrities.

For those who eat, breathe, sleep to Dance then this is an incredibly entertaining show searching for the real talent who has the potential to be the future of dance. The winner will be given a special chance to perform in a Bollywood concert with a Celebrity on the main stage with full expense paid trip by the Organizer of the show. And many more prizes worth lacs will be given to all the winner's, Red carpet ceremony with a Bollywood Live concert. Live Interview with Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazines, Digital Media etc.
Note:-All participants should reach on time and also carry their songs in a USB/Pendrive in Mp3 format.


Shimla-2P.M 19-Oct-18
Jammu-9A.M 21-Oct-18
Amritsar-- 2 P.M 23-Oct-18
Dehradun--2P.M 25-Oct-18
Kanpur--9A.M 27-Oct-18
Lucknow-- 9 A.M 28-Oct-18
Patna-- 2 P.M 30-Oct-18
Ranchi-- 2 P.M 1-Nov-18
Guwahati-- 9 A.M 4-Nov-18
Kolkata-- 2 P.M 6-Nov-18
Bhubaneshwar-- 2 P.M 9-Nov-18
Raipur--9A.M 11-Nov-18
Hyderabad--2P.M 13-Nov-18
Chennai--2P.M 15-Nov-18
Cochin--9A.M 18-Nov-18
Bengaluru--2P.M 20-Nov-18
Panaji--2P.M 22-Nov-18
Pune--9A.M 24-Nov-18
Mumbai--9A.M 25-Nov-18
Surat--2P.M 27-Nov-18
Ahmedabad--2P.M 29-Nov-18
INDORE--9A.M 1-Dec-18
BHOPAL--9A.M 2-Dec-18
Gwalior--2P.M 4-Dec-18
AGRA---2P.M 5-Dec-18
JAIPUR--2P.M 7-Dec-18
Sonipat--2P.M 14-Dec-18
Ghaziabad--9A.M 15-Dec-18
Delhi--9A.M 16-Dec-18
Gurugram--2P.M 17-Dec-18
Total 30 CITIES



1, What are the Audition dates for India Dancing Superstar 2018- Season 2?

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2, Audition Cities


· New Delhi, Jaipur, Bhopal

· Dehradun, Jammu, Bhubaneswar

· Lucknow, Patna, Ahmadabad

· Guwahati, Ranchi, Raipur

· Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune

· Nagpur, Chennai, Mumbai

· Amritsar, Cochin, Bangalore

 3, What is the Venue for Audition?

Venue Details will be shared with the registered participants only before 1 week of the auditions date.

4, What are the prizes for the Winners?

Winner's of this show will get lots of prizes which includes majorly a chance to perform live in a Bollywood Concert, Certificate, Trophy, Live interviews on Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazines and many more.

5, Why Registration Fee?

To avoid the unwanted crowd at the time of audition.

6, Who are the Judges?

The judges are popular Bollywood Celebrities who will be judging this show.

7, What is the Eligibility/Qualification required for the Participation?

There is no eligibility/qualification required or special training needed.

8, What is the Age Limit for the participation?

3 Years and above

9, What happens after Competition?

Complete show will be recorded by the professional videographers and it will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and after that, we will promote it online through Social Media Activities to get likes and Views to the Videos and the Winners will be known everywhere along with their name fame amongst unknown people as well.

10, Who are the organizers if INDIA DANCING SUPERSTAR 2018?

This event is organized by "Blueberry International Entertainment'' India. This show is not owned by any other brand nor by any company and the show will not be broadcast on any television this time and rights are reserved by the organizer of the show.


11, What is the competition story and selection criteria?


· Participants will get a chance to perform live in front of the judges.

· Judges will select the deserving candidate to perform for the semi-finals.

· Top shortlist finalists contestants will perform live at the Grand Finale.

· Winners of the show will be declared at the Grand Finale.

12, What type of Songs/Genre is required in the competition?

You can dance on any kind of Hindi Bollywood/Classical/Western songs of your choice.

13, What is the registration fee for India Dancing Superstar 2018?

Rs: 1180 Including GST(One-time fee only).


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