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About The Event

 The name of the fest is INCENDIUM 2K19, the theme for the same is "ABSTRACT ART & CARNIVAL". The expected number of guests that will attend the event is 3000+. The fest consists of 36 events with cash prizes for all the events. The budget allocated by the college is Rupees 8 Lakhs. DJ Axonn is the star entertainer of the event(DJ NIGHT).

About the Fest

INCENDIUM is the cultural fest that is held jointly by the institutions that fall jointly under the jurisdiction of CMR University, Bangalore.

INCENDIUM is hosted by sister institutions( The School of Management and School of Engineering) which shall cater to inviting colleges of their respective domains.                     The name 'INCENDIUM' means 'The Eternal Flame' and it is a Latin word, which shall prove that this fest s truly one of its kind and will deliver powerful performances and honour the right talent.

Embrace yourself for this cultural extravaganza and join us this year in 26th and 27th April 2019 INCENDIUM.



Events and Competitions

INCENDIUM comes with a lot of events such as International Music Festival, Fringe Fest, Concerts, Informals, Streets and Lounges.

The following is the list of Competitions:

  • Music
    • Beatboxing
    • Battle of Bands
    • Conchord (Acapella Competition)
    • CMRU Idol (Filmy/Western Solo Singing Competition)
    • Group singing competition(western/filmy)
    • rap-a-rap(Solo Rap Competition)
  • Dance
    • Dance Battle / SplitScreen
    • Western Solo Dance
    • Westen/Filmy group Dance
    • Beat the Street (Group Hip-Hop Dance Competition)
    • Solo Classical Dance Competition
  • Mixed Events
    • Hogathon(Food eating competition)
    • Photography Challenge
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Cooking without Fire
    • Fashion Show
    • Air Crash ( role playing)
    • A minute to Win it (challenges)
    • Artistic Showcase
    • Short Film making
  • Literary Arts
    • Creative Writing
    • Debate
    • Pick and Speak
  • Theatre
    • Standup Comedy
    • Improve
    • Mono Acting
    • Mad Ads
  • Design and Digital Arts
    • Collage
    • Best out of Waste
    • Doodle Making
    • Face Painting
    • Canvas Painting
    • Pot Painting
    • T-shirt Painting
  • Gaming
    • Counter Strike (Go)
    • PUBG(mobile)
    • NFS (most wanted)
  • Lifestyle
    • Fashion Show

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Registration Details

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Important Dates

Dates of the Fest: Apr 26th – 27th


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