In40Hours (Batch 3) : Tame the Stock markets !

In40Hours (Batch 3) : Tame the Stock markets !


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About The Event


About The Trainer : Abhijit is a chemical engineer by education with exposure to the international oil and gas industry. He has been in the stock markets for the last 15 years. He is a firm follower of technical analysis and believes that a trader must trade on the basis of what the chart says and not what the heart says.He has always held the strong view that all fundamental news is always built into the chart, and what matters is the interpretation

Contents of the Technical Analysis Workshop - Level 1

Module 1 - The participant will be explained the importance of technical analysis, the science behind it and the importance of trusting his own study by keeping himself immune to all the "noise" from various channels. 

Topic List: 

  1. Myths related to the stock market. 
  2. What are the different ways of analyzing the stock market? 
  3. What is Technical Analysis? 
  4. Who can carry out Technical analysis? 
  5. Dos and Donts for Trading in the stock market. 
  6. Importance of Position sizing. 
  7. Importance of Money management 

Module 2- The second module will cover the actual subject of Technical analysis, how to read and interpret charts and decide which stock to buy and when, how long it should be held, how a profitable position should be managed with the help of 'trailing stop loss' mechanism and the final exit. Most of the important parameters involved in the subject will be explained as well as some street smart tricks to identify stocks. Actual examples from the Indian stock market will be shown and the logic behind the possible trades will be explained in detail. 

Topic List: 

  1. Different types of charts 
  2. Different sources for charts and data feed 
  3. Detailed explanation of Candlestick charts. 
  4. How to read a chart? 
  5. How to interpret a chart? 
  6. How to identify a potential trade? 
  7. Various possible parameters for entering a trade. 
  8. Managing a trade. 
  9. Profit booking. 
  10. Complete exit. 
  11. Trade Log

Module-3: Some Advanced Techniques 

The third module will cover advanced techniques to be used in Technical Analysis of stocks. This module is essentially most useful for traders who have already been in the business for some time now. It is strongly recommended that extremely seasoned traders should join in for an Advanced Technical Analysis course which will be announced later. 

Topic List:

  1. Different trading strategies (Importance of correct data source; identifying positional trades using studies on various time frames; how to time the perfect entry in order to reduce the M2M margin)
  2. How to manage a trade. 
  3. Hedging a trade. 
  4. Different strategies using Options. 
  5. Trade log 


Note: After the 2 day session conducted in the classroom, the participants will receive all the support and guidance till they are comfortable with their trades free of charge.

For any help , call Tejas on +91 88888 21820. I will be happy to help ! Thanks.

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