Improve your Vision and see without glasses

Improve your Vision and see without glasses


  • Improve Your Vision

    Improve Your Vision

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About The Event

This weekend programme was developed by Sir Martin Brofman, who healed himself from cancer. By exploring his consciousness and using inner techniques of visualisation, relaxation and positive thinking, such as those presented in this class, he healed himself.

A “side-effect” of his healing process was that he no longer needed the eyeglasses he had been wearing for 20 years. This is what stimulated him to explore the relationship between eyesight and consciousness, and to develop this class.

He has also developed a system of healing, “The Body Mirror System” which explores the relationship between our consciousness, our life and our entire physical body.
He is the author of “Improve your Vision“ and “Anything can be Healed,“ and his techniques are taught around the world by excellent instructors he has trained.
Complete Wellbeing is honoured to bring to you, an opportunity to learn this incredible system of healing.


During this weekend workshop you will...

  • Discover the physical, emotional, psychological and metaphysical aspects of your vision
  • Understand the relationship between your way of being and your way of seeing
  • Consider the various factors that have affected your vision, with the opportunity to do something about it
  • Change your mind about certain things, make different decisions
  • Learn exercises and techniques to improve the quality of your vision.

Who is this for?

A Vision Workshop is for anyone with impaired eyesight, i.e. nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism. Anyone who is willing to take responsibility for themselves, and to do the inner work necessary for the process to be successful. Even people with ‘organic’ vision problems like glaucoma, cataracts, etc. have reported clearer vision in these classes.

During this workshop, it is important that you not wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, and you will be asked to remove them and to leave them off – at least for the duration of this class – so that you can see for yourself the degree of improvement as it happens.

Returning to clarity of eyesight also means returning to your natural state of inner clarity, health, harmony and balance – to who you really are.

Come and see for yourself !


Success stories

I felt like the instructor took a glass cleaner and polished my eye, I can see clearly now. — SS [Jordan]

I am already seeing more clearly. I was slightly farsighted before the course and that has gone… — AP [London]

Earlier I needed glasses to feel secure but now my eyes refuse them. Another important effect is the relationship with my father. For the first time in my life I have hugged him without any problem! I spoke to him without any limits. Now I feel in peace with everybody. — ML [Italy]



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