Imarticus Global Fintech Symposium

Imarticus Global Fintech Symposium


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About The Event


Imarticus Learning teams up with leading Global FinTech players to bring to you a first-of-its-kind Global FinTech Symposium. FinTech, or simply put, Financial Technology, is an industry composed of start-ups and established companies trying to replace or disrupt traditional financial processes with the use of technology.
This is an upcoming industry and has the potential to impact every single person and therefore makes it one of the fastest growing areas for venture capitalists. We welcome you to join this FinTech consortium where our panelists from global organizations will share their journey and experience on what it takes to excel in the world of FinTech.
 4:00pm – Introduction to the Imarticus Global Fintech Symposium
 4:10pm – Introduction to the 4 panelists and a short opening remark from each
 4:30pm – Discussion 1: The rise of Fintech in the Indian context
 4:40pm – Discussion 2: Global Fintech – Leveraging their experiences
 4:50pm - Discussion 3: Trends in Fintech – will they disrupt traditional financial services?
 5:00pm - Discussion 4: Fintech startups – a buzz or a reality?
 5:15pm – Questions for the panelists


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