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About The Event

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By Suresh Padmanabhan - International Speaker and author of "I Love Money" 
now in 12 languages Running to packed houses for more than 11 years, across  India, Russia, 
Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Middle East, Nepal, Mauritius, Malaysia etc.



 Attract Money – opportunities that convert into Money easily without being stressful

Develop an inner self confidence& energy to attract right people & opportunities for making Money.

Develop a positive outlook & more attentiveness towards MONEY

Destroy fear of handling MONEY,  losing Money

Develop self confidence to handle any negotiations with ease

Understand facets of Physical Money

Cut off waste full expenses thereby increasing your savings power

Recover your Stuck Money, Land and overcome debt issues

Develop inner confidence to take Money Decisions in your favor

Develop Personal MONEY manual – Savings, Expenses, Investments & secrets to achieve the desired MONEY flow

Looking beyond MONEY..

Deep understanding of Laws of MONEY, Laws of Nature

Discover the values of MONEY matrix –


MONEY & relationships

MONEY & family

MONEY & health

Understand & improve your own attraction towards MONEY

Unlearn the MONEY MYTHS

Destroy the unwanted fears & hatred towards MONEY

Remove Emotional turmoil’s and mind swings of Money issues

Discard wrong notions, ideas, genetic money patterns that can lead to wrong money decisions

Become a Money Personality

Develop a deep inner stability with Money in your life

Develop happy- happy relationships with Money

Understand the influence of Fate, Destiny, Karma with respect to Money.

Discover the deepest aspect of MONEY & SPIRITUALISM walking same path.

Going beyond Money to unlock the fountain of bliss, personal and spiritual powers within you



Money Workshop happens mostly by word of mouth. So if someone referred you, they did for your own welfare. Understand the hidden message of the Divine. Money Workshop® always appears at the most appropriate time in your life. Pray that money comes easy and you have enough time to attend with happiness and joy. Welcome with your family, friends and loved ones. If you are meant to be a part of the wonderful gathering of beautiful people then the way will be made clear.


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Shriram  – 0 9822 409 016

Rucha  – 0 9730 251 885

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