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Kaizen and 5 ‘S’ started from Japan. It has made Industrial revolution for entire Industry of the world.
Today   many   Industries are facing   worldwide co

IITD Presents 1 Full Day Interactive Workshop on Kaizen and 5S


About The Event

Program Overview:


Kaizen and 5 ‘S’ started from Japan. It has made Industrial revolution for entire Industry of the world.


Today   many   Industries are facing   worldwide competition. Also customer expectations are changing every day.  Customer has many options to choose & the situation is getting more and more competitive every day. Customer needs Quality product at Minimum OR right cost. This has led to change in outlook towards Customer that focuses on - How to reduce the Cost of Product. This is possible with learning Kaizen and 5 ‘S’ Concepts.


Kaizen and 5 ‘S’ is the key factor which calls for Total Employee Involvement. This Improves Teamwork and develops Supervisory skills.  Basically 5 ‘S’ and Kaizen gives you opportunities to either minimize Or eliminate - Non Value Adding - activities.






Session 1


  • Understand   Kaizen and 5 ‘S’ Concept 
  • History and Evolution of 5 ‘S’  
  • Management Role in 5 ‘S’
  • What is 5 ‘S’ – Meaning
  • Identify & eliminate waste in Production 
  • 5 ‘S’ Importance – How JIT journey starts from 5 ‘S’  
  • 5 ‘S’ – Benefits
  • 5 ‘S’ Film – How to work for 5 ‘S’ on Shop Floor


Session 2


  • How to Plan and get 5 ‘S’ candidates 
  • 5 ‘S’   Implementation 10 Steps - Foundation of Activity
  • 5 ‘S’ must be a Habit - Case study - How Useful at Home
  • How to Improve one Area in Factory with 5 ‘S’ work 
  • How to Audit of 5 ‘S’ and check Sustenance   
  • Questions & Answers


Why Five-S?


1.       Saving in use of space


2.       Removal of excess equipment’s / parts


3.       More space made available in the office


4.       Avoidance of error


5.       Easy access to things


6.       Eliminate unsafe situation


7.       Preventing rusting or damage to materials


8.       Reduced inventory by sale of scrap material / excess materials


9.       Helps reducing time consumed in searching materials for use


10.     Easy to inspect and recognize when materials are taken out from their location


11.     Creates work effectiveness


12.     Creates safety atmosphere


13.     Helps in inventory control.


14.     Improve work place utilization


15.     Better identification by using colour coding


16.     Good, neat and clean work place motivates for effective & efficient functioning.


17.     Increases the efficiency of machines and equipment.


18.     Enhance machine and equipment life.


19.     Reduction of wastages


20.     Helps in developing the skill of operator for doing autonomous maintenance.


21.     Reduce breakdown and increase Mean Time between Failures


22.     Visual management improves work efficiency


23.     Develops team work


24.     Improve morale of the employees


25.     Develops ability to think and analyse causes for improving control system




Training / Presentation is based on:


Philosophy, Understanding, Implementing & Institutionalizing 5 ‘S’ and Kaizen.




Why you should Teach 5 ‘S’ to your Employees:


  • This is powerful but easy way to build excellence in your human resources.
  • 5‘s’ gives your employees a platform for learning kaizen and working together.
  • It is important and it will encourage all employees to take more Improvement Projects.


Persons from Production, Continuous Improvement Managers, Maintenance Managers, Supervisors, Associates (Operators) or any anyone responsible for building and maintaining a continuous improvement program and culture in their organization.




IITD Expert Faculty


Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct this training. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss specific problems with the expert faculty.




Medium: English, Hindi, Marathi.


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