Ignite UR Brand Workshop for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Ignite UR Brand Workshop for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs


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About The Event

Have you tried searching your name in Google? Does your name even appear in the first page of Google’s search results?
Are you struggling to get clients because they’ve never heard of you or your business?
Do you wish to stand out from your competitors and be considered the expert or influencer in your industry?
The answer? You need to build a powerful and irresistible Personal Brand.
How? By signing up for Personal Branding Workshop for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs. 
This new and improved 2-session workshop will help you grasp the basics of creating a personal brand, learn how to promote and grow a powerful personal brand that everyone is talking about, attract more customers like bees to honey, and become the go-to expert in your industry.
☛In Session 1, “Brand Me Essentials: Am I Ready to Build My Personal Brand?”, we will help you discover your Personal Brand, even if you don’t have one yet. You will also get to develop your Brand Inspiration Board and get valuable feedback from our brand coaches. This workshop is best suited for new freelancers, employees, professionals and entrepreneurs, including fresh graduates.
☛In Session 2, “Create Your Powerful and Irresistible Personal Brand”, we will teach you how to build your Personal Brand, plan your A-T-T-A-C-K, craft your one-page business plan in the form of your Personal Branding Canvas . This session will be most beneficial to attendees of Session 1 plus intermediate to experienced freelancers, employees, professionals and entrepreneurs.
The Personal Branding Workshop is for…
• beginning freelancers and entrepreneurs who would like to get noticed in a crowded market
• current freelancers or entrepreneurs who would like to step up their game and become the hottest and most in-demand brand in the business
• employees or professionals who would like to fast-track their way up the corporate ladder
• fresh graduates looking to start a promising career in freelancing or business
• bloggers and content creators who would like to grow their influence and get recognized as experts in their niche
• anyone who has a passion for learning and acquiring new skills in the fields of freelancing and business.
What You’ll Get From This Workshop
• Learn how to stand out, win more clients and become a well-respected influencer in your industry through Personal Branding.
• Highly collaborative and interactive sessions with experienced coaches.
• A real “crack your knuckles” workshop – very hands-on activities and actionable steps.
• PLUS much, much more!

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