Book Online Tickets for Entrepreneurship Development Workshop, Gurugram.  Audentis Group presents Entrepreneurship Development Workshop.
Agenda 1: Job vs. Entrepreneurship Which path to choose? Why Entrepreneurship and Why not?
Agenda 2: How to start a Startup? Before

Entrepreneurship Development Workshop


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About The Event

 Audentis Group presents Entrepreneurship Development Workshop.



Agenda 1:
 Job vs. Entrepreneurship
 Which path to choose?
 Why Entrepreneurship and Why not?

Agenda 2:
 How to start a Startup?
 Before the startup
 Forming a new company under companies Act 2013

Agenda 3:
 Idea Generation Session.
 How important is an Idea?
 Stages of Ideation
 Evaluating an Idea
 Understanding the art and science behind Idea generation

Agenda 4:
 Building a great product
 Understanding the user
 Essential Tools required in building a great product
 MVP and Prototyping

Agenda 5:
 Team and Execution
 Getting the initial team together
 Understanding dynamics of a small Team
 Why Execution matters the most?

Session - II

Agenda 1:
 How to raise money/capital
 When to raise capital?
 Understanding various options available
 Best Practices. Some DO’s DON’Ts

Agenda 2:
 Hiring, Culture and Scaling up
 Best hiring Practices
 Getting the culture right
 When to scale up?

Agenda 3:
 Company related legal issues like registration, policies, agreements and more.
 Schemes, programs, resources available from the Govt.
 Understanding various schemes, programs available for various sectors like manufacturing, hardware, electronics from both Central and state Governments, related institutions.

Agenda 4:
 Survival during difficult phases
 Understanding that this will be a lonely journey
 Tips, Tools, Practices to come out even stronger

Agenda 5:
 How to be a great entrepreneur?
 Some Do’s | Some Don’ts

#15 Minute Question and Answer Session

By the end of this workshop participant will be able to:
 Decide whether he/she wants to be an entrepreneur.
 Learn the art and science of coming up with a problem worth solving, which can later be transformed into a profitable business.
 Learn the basics of starting up a company
 Learn about how to build products users love to use
 Learn about how to build teams, how to raise capital/funding
 Learn; educate themselves about various schemes, programs, and resources available from various government(s).

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