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About The Event

Have you started day dreaming about making a dent in this universe? Then it’s time to accelerate the process of ideation to solve the most sweeping problems and challenges to build a next big start-up.

Idea sprint is a small group (limited to 6 participants only) workshop designed to challenge your grey matter for developing and validating your business idea. Our mentor will facilitate the process of individual and group ideation through a selected tool or framework, group activity followed by an expert validation. You may interact with a fellow entrepreneur and mentor to deliberate further about your business idea.


//To spark new thinking //To develop ideas //To explore and experiment the idea within small groups //To accelerate the process of ideation //To seek expert advice //To network with new people


This intense workshop is planned with the following agenda:

  1. Registrations (30 mins)
  2. Opening/Introductions (20 mins)
  3. Apply the given tool/framework for ideation (20 min)
  4. Grouping and Brainstorming (20 mins)
  5. Role play (30 min)
  6. Validation and Feedback (30 min)


Though no pre-requisites, it is highly recommended to articulate your thoughts well in advance to meet the timelines as per the agenda.


You may be given selective articles, case studies or brain-teasers in prior which may have nothing to do with the workshop but may help you stimulate thought process.


Any graduate, post-graduate, working professional, freelancer, small business owner who is dreaming to build a startup of significant magnitude to make a dent in this universe are eligible to participate.

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