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ICT Academy Bridge 2017 - Future of Work


Disruptive innovations and advanced technologies are creating new industries, methods and models, thereby destroying the old ones. New technologies including Data Analytics, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility and Social Networks are having a huge impact on how people communicate, collaborate and work. As generations collide, workforces become more diverse and people work longer; traditional career models may soon be a thing of the past. Many of the roles and job titles of tomorrow will be ones we’ve not even thought of yet. This brings in a huge responsibilities for all stakeholders in education to develop and deploy strategies for preparing the right talent for the future global opportunities.


ICT Academy BRIDGE Conference will bring together industry experts, academic leaders and Government policy makers to address how to achieve strategic readiness to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the digital workplace and develop talent for the all new future of work.


Bangalore which has become a digital hub has prompted an exceptional increment in the IT field and thereby in the future of work.To re-emphasis and stabilize in this novice area, there needs to be an understanding of Future of Work. BRIDGE - Future of Work is a dedicated conference featuring organizations and experts doing innovative, pioneering work in developing the future workforce. It is the only event addressing the stakeholders and leaders in the process of bridging the industry & academia towards the Future of Work.


This conference will explore technological trends and how they are reshaping the future of work, forecasting key areas of job disruption and evaluating ways in which policy makers, academia & industry leaders can adapt regulatory and economic frameworks in response. In addition, speakers will explore and deliberate on the existing strategies and required rethinking of the working world.


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