ICrtSIV 2014

ICrtSIV 2014


About The Event

The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT TRENDS IN SIGNAL PROCESSING, IMAGE PROCESSING AND VLSI (ICrtSIV - 2014) provides academia and industry a forum to discuss the latest technological advances and research results in the fields of Image Processing, Signal Processing and VLSI. ICrtSIV 2014 aims to bring together scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange & share their experiences about all aspects of Image Processing, Signal Processing and VLSI. Also it aims to discuss the solutions adopted for the encountered practical challenges.


List of events:

A. Signal Processing

1.Digital Signal Processing

2.Statistical Signal Processing

3.Signal Processing for Communications

4.Speech Processing

5.Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing

6.Multimedia Signal Processing

7.Nonlinear Signal Processing

8.Audio and Electroacoustics

9.DSP Implementations and Embedded Systems

10.Signal Processing Applications


B. Image Processing

1.Image acquisition

2.Image processing

3.Medical image processing

4.Pattern recognition and analysis

5.Visualization Techniques

6.Image coding and compression

7.Face Recognition

8.Image segmentation

9.3-D and Surface Reconstruction

10.Computer Vision Applications


1.VLSI verification

2.Mixed VLSI design

3.Low power VLSI techniques

4.New concepts and breakthroughs in VLSI processes and devices including Memory, Logic, I/O, RF, Analog, Mixed-Signal, High-Voltage,Imager, and MEMS

5.Advanced gate stacks and interconnects in VLSI processes and devices

6.Advanced lithography and fine-patterning technologies for high-density VLSI

7.New functional devices beyond CMOS with a path for VLSI implementation

8.Packing of VLSI devices including 3D-system integration

9.Advanced device analysis, materials and modeling for VLSIs

10.Reliability related to the VLSI devices

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