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You are in the right place and I take every



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 Why Start, Run And Burn Your Time, Energy And Money In Business When You Can Pre-Check And Troubleshoot With Clear Dashboard Without Prior Experience.


You are in the right place and I take every power to make you successful in life and business.



"This is an excellent course every entrepreneur needed before starting any business — Just straight to the point, definitely worth enrolling to transform your business!"

- Nizam, Founder, Toolyt.


"Harshzad's coaching and mentoring is absolutely phenomenal and his methods, strategies, principles etc force for execution excellence to accelerate any business!"

- Raji Thiru, Entrepreneur, Botanic Spot


"This is an awesome course — It was a complete paradigm shift!"

Harshzad sir is teaching so well about Business Skills, Business Development and Marketing. It was a complete paradigm shift moment for me.

- Lubna, Entrepreneur.





There were, there are and there will be ways to learn and grow in life by eliminating so many errors which aren't a rocket science.

The world class entrepreneurs believe in learning from others mistakes and avoid repeating those mistakes to further grow fast saving lot of Time, Energy and of-course Money too that which further leads them quickly to meet their goals by understanding, analyzing and troubleshooting by creating a dashboard to consciously take every future step eliminating errors in their journey to the world class.

This Business Skill Check is one of it's kind phenomena crafted looking into billions of Small Medium Entrepreneurs pain points and Big-box Business Strategies and their Execution Excellence globally to help Small Medium entrepreneurs pre-check their Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skillsets through this phenomena and set forth the Roadmap to Iconic Entrepreneurship, so that they don't need to Start, Run and Burn their Time, Energy and Money in Businesses instead they can now Start, Run and Grow a Seamless Debt Free businesses with Financial Freedom, Independence and Security to their family by doing what they love to do, still living the kind of life they wanted to live and at the same time contributing to the human well-being with profound sense of insights by consciousness of inclusiveness.

You will dive in to each module, each module comes with a few minutes of explanatory video with a questionnaire coaching you to brainstorm by creating an awareness of the unaware to further create a clear clutter free dashboard on the most important key areas of businesses such as below:

Business Skill Check Phenomena Curriculum:

1. Personal leadership - Thoroughly knowing the Past, Present and Future of your personal life, atmosphere and association that which affects on your business empire.

2. Business Leadership - What's the empire you have created or going to create and what's your current skills on the same.

3. Army And Their Weapons: As is the king those are the subject is not a only a proverb and it's fact as you cannot acquire alone what you want. The mapping of army itself decides your triumph and weapons are supportive.

4. The Big Who and Who Not?: If you had nailed on this and built or if you narrow down on this and build an empire then 30% min success rate you had achieved or else whatever you create to square up rest 70% is impossible to build at any circumstances and you will definitely fail and that's why 95% of the business fail.

5. The Big What? The Breath Of Your Business: If you nailed on the above "Who" and if you build or customize the transnational element accordingly then 50% of the victory will be in your hands.

6. Your Image: First impression can be or may not be the last impression, but what's your image in the minds of consumer plays a major role in differentiating and setting your business part.

7. Rivalry: If you know your rivals well then you can strategize the war accordingly. This doesn't play a major role sometimes, but this can create an opportunity and if you fail to understand what's happening around you then soon you will lose your share to others and if the same continues soon you will die. Remember "Nothing Fails Like Success".

8. The Tag: This can create an empire or can break an empire too. Remember "Revenue Never Equals To Profit", and you can sustain in business only with profits. Scalability comes later, If you fail to understand and continue or try to expand your business then it means you are committing to suicide in installments.

9. Who Knows You: The game starts when "How many knows you or your business" than "How many you know". The "Reach, Acquisition, Retention etc" strategies plays a major role in any enterprise.

10. Turnover, Growth and Measures: I had witnessed many times in past, top of the CEO's keeping hands in their pockets isn't a style statement, There's some other thing will be going on in their minds while they will be playing piano in their pockets while listening to conversations. Army and Treasury plays a major role in entrepreneurship.

11. Investments, Costs, Profits etc: Your initial investments outline determines the rest of your business growth purely depending on what's your Capex investments and what's your Opex and the cash inflow along with right fund management.

12. The Worth: Whatever the business you build should have worth at the end of the day with right retirement plan. Nothing to wonder in this as this is not known to 95% of the Entrepreneurs. If you look into net-worth of any Iconic Brands are known by the Leadership and all of them had built their self-worth. The historic leaders are still remembered because of their Iconic Leadership as they were the masters of their fate and captains of their soul.




Have you been thinking to start a new business or struggling to grow your business for a while, but held back because you didn't know quite how to get started or scared of failure? The Business Skill Check Phenomena is for you!

This is for you if:

You are scared to a start a new business.

This is for you if:

You are startup struggling to grow your business and don't know what went wrong.

This is for you if:

You are highly passionate about something and want to turn your passion into world class brand but scared of not having any experience and burning your money.

This is for you if:

You got fed up with your existing job, and want to write your own pay cheque by starting a business with zero failure rate without quitting your job.

This is for you if:

You are self-Employed and want to become a business owner but unable to know what went wrong and how to brainstorm and trouble to own your own business.

This is for you if:

You are a Business Owner and want to scale your business with Profitability, Sustainability and Scalability but unable to do so as you are unaware of the facts what and where went wrong and unable to dive into insights to troubleshoot.

This is for you if:

You own a Traditional Family run Business and want to transmute that into an Organized Modern Business – OR - Turn that into your own Passive Business and Do what you love to do by keeping the same relationship with your family but they you found a large disconnect and don't know the gap to fill.

Then this Business Skill Check Phenomena is just for you!

In the Business Skill Check Phenomena, I break down the Why, What, Who, Where and How etc of each step. You have to brainstorm and do some work, but I promise—you can create a dashboard by zooming in and out of your business to build a world class business for yourself and security to your family by doing what you love to do still living the kind of life you wanted to live.


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