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Basically Hyderabadi... The minutes, transcripts, proceedings of life in the old city , of life known to the artist , of life which passes by ,around him and at times gets into him . This is the most intimate experience any artist can strive to give form .Taking notes of that flowing beard of a fakir, making a quick sketch of a reclined young man, unhurried movements of burkha clad women , relaxed and leisurely in the comfort of their homes, in bazaars , tea stalls and on the streets, everyday life is captured in an honest effort . With candid expressions and at times fleeting suspicious emotions crossing quickly on their faces only to redress into an unquestioning trust, in their way of life . Basically Hyderabadi by nature. These people known to Rayees , fascinate him with their fortitude and resilience, grace in their poise and elegance in their homely forms . Pure and clear they manifest as semi cubistic structures , bright and alive in their attire and somber in their expression, that come with a pride and dignity ,belief in their faith and togetherness . They show the stained glass effects of byzantine religious church paintings , induced in a classical modern style where the facial features are repeated with religious icons or the urdu scripts, merge with the human form seamlessly ,addressing this life in a time frame .

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