Book Online Tickets for ICF-NLP Certified InnerMost Shift Coach , New Delhi. The core of ‘InnerMost Shift’ coaching model is the very fundamental human activity of getting in touch with InnerMost wisdom, referred as ‘Inner Guru by Indian ancient sciences or the ‘Wisest Self’ as by moder

ICF-NLP Certified InnerMost Shift Coach Training


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The core of ‘InnerMost Shift’ coaching model is the very fundamental human activity of getting in touch with InnerMost wisdom, referred as ‘Inner Guru by Indian ancient sciences or the ‘Wisest Self’ as by modern thinkers, and seek the very best answers with their ‘Inner Knowing’ to deal with complexity and uncertainty in different life situations.

The InnerMost Shift Coaching is not about coaching the problem of people. BUT, it is about navigating people to connect to their ‘Core of Existence ‘, the ‘Being-ness’ of who they truly are, become aware of  ‘Resourcefulness’, adopt ‘BEST’ practices, make a shift in Beliefs, embed new attitude, Value Superior capabilities, Operate with New Behaviours, Take Performance to Next Level and Deliver Outstanding Results.

Thus InnerMost Shift Coaching sessions help them to make a shift in their consciousness, energy, mental domain, behaviours and outcome. Unlike so many in the market place focus just on Success Model. Behaviour or change, InnerMost Shift is additionally about making an Energetic Shift deep within , Transform, Evolve and Perform.

The entire coaching sessions is like the artistry chipping off the unwanted and let the BEST of you to emerge. The coaches are trained to keep the coachee in their state of being-ness and inner knowing. NeuroScience specialists refer it as synchronisation of Left Brain, Right Brain, and conscious and unconscious mind to access the Highest Self. 

In order to systematically help clients, to make the InnerMost Shift, our coaches learn to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming Tools, Timeless Principles, Quantum Physics, Bio-Neuro-Energetics, Theory of Change and Transformation and Yogic Science etc.  This help our coaches to quickly become aware of stories and metaphors, of the clients, understand counterproductive internal processes, identify self-sabotaging beliefs and derailing emotions. Then help them to get unstuck, make a shift and be outstanding.

With an insights and initiations given about ‘Yogic Presence’, based on Indian science of tattvas and human energy field balance; our coaches attain a state of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness to intuitively and logically flow with the clients and help them transform. Some of the modern thinkers and researcher state it as "Flow State” or being ‘In the Zone’. 

This gives InnerMost Shift coaches an edge over the others and Coach corporate leaders to increase leadership impact developing Yogic Leadership Presence.



By the end of InnerMost Shift Coach 6 days, 1st level ACC  Training, you become equipped to design and use 12 Coaching Tools to coach the client in a step-by-manner. You become competent and confident to sign up clients and deliver them measurable results.

You will be able to engage clients for 3,6, 9 or 12 months. Signing up one client for all the 12 session can  get you paid  nearly equivalent to the fee paid by you. This will empower you to plan 5,6 or 7 Figure coaching income



Yes! You can be Life Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Corporate Coach, Spiritual Coach,
Business Coach, Relationship Coach or Health Coach.
With InnerMost Shift Coaching model, you become competent to Decode clients’s story or metaphor, extract resources, re-install and create the InnerMost Shift to  help client begin to deal with life situations and begin with a new story of life.

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