ICF Approved ACSTH ACC Level  NLP Certified Inner Most Shift  Life  Executive Coaching, Goa

ICF Approved ACSTH ACC Level NLP Certified Inner Most Shift Life Executive Coaching, Goa


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About The Event

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Do you want break unproductive, undesired and unconscious pattern those make you feel angry, become frustrated and get stuck? 

What do you think your life would be like if you could make all the changes that you aspire deeply?


Here is what we have for you.


NLP is technology to become consciously aware of auto-running programs and ingrained patterns, the way they naturally function in your Whole Brain-Neurology. Some of the useful Patterns lead you to success. It is worth capturing these pieces, de-coding, modifying their structure and re-installing them to get excellence. It is like adding flavors to your recipe of success.


By learning NLP skills you can drastically change your life. 


Research shows, there are unproductive programs that makes you hopeless and helpless. Isolating such programs, interrupting and re-coding replacing with newly coded certainty to become additionally able, superior and better in life.
The missing and new programs can be observed, modelled and absorbed deep in your psyche and unconscious to gain edge, grow and progress in life. You can pick and choose new recipe and have more taste in life.


Thus you can Transform Operating Patterns, TOP with BestLife NLP, and using the best of abilities you have transform to BestLife possible.

Trainers : Sat and Siri are Best Known in India and the world over, being Licensed and Trained and groomed by the co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler. All this is aimed to Make Your Life Great! 
Sat and Siri have taken training with NLP Top Motivational Guru, Anthony Robbins, Master Trainers John La Valle, Specialist Business NLP and President of Society of NLP USA and Master Trainer Kathleen La Valle with specialization in the corporate world.

Benefits of the NLP training:

• Charge yourself with fuel of motivational energy to accelerate to Hi-octane Performance state in moments, when you need to.
• Demystify personal secrets, how you get success programs somewhere. Apply these programs across all contexts. Switch on Auto Achievement Program, See the magic happening. (Actually a Strategy.)
• Put Horse of your leadership before the Cart, Pace and Lead people to Support, Share Vision and be a part of your Goal Achievement Agenda.
• Address the Unconscious of others, move past resistance and objections.
• Learn to swiftly get into a Flow State, be Calm, and place time on palms. Watch with awareness the preciousness of Time, jewel of life. Do not panic or stressfully tighten the grip on Sand Like time, it will slip or pour out of your hands. Feel before it goes. Manage your state to make most of limited Time. Learn to Let Go, Live well.
• De-code ‘the natural way’ how brain gets programmed and behave in odd ways. Program before time using the same ‘natural ability’ go get the predefined outcome. Intelligently achieve more.
• Become Ghost Buster. Give Ghost of Fear, Phobia and temptation a run. Digitally make quantum shift to Re-Frame negative into Positive.
• Collapse limiting beliefs like Nut-Shell-Cracker, adopt belief breaking pattern tactics re-patterns a Enabling Belief. Go far ahead than you earlier thought was impossible for you.

Venue: Highland Beach Resort, Sequeira Vaddo, Candolim, Goa - 403515
Dates: Feb. 19 – Feb. 27, 2016
Call me at: 9811379590.

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