Book Online Tickets for ICanDefendMyself, Bengaluru .  Situation-based Unarmed Combat Training for Self Defense & Protection by World Renowned Grand Master M H Abid & Former Army Officer Major Dhrubajit Das.If you\'re a woman, you\'ve probably experienced your heart rate speed uncontro



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About The Event

 Situation-based Unarmed Combat Training for Self Defense & Protection by World Renowned Grand Master M H Abid & 
Former Army Officer Major Dhrubajit Das.

If you're a woman, you've probably experienced your heart rate speed uncontrollably when you thought you were being followed or possibly a nervous, sinking feeling when you are walking alone at night. 

Would you be able to defend yourself if someone were to physically attack you?

Open to all women over 12, I.Can.Defend.Myself workshop is 4-hour self-defence course designed for women to teach self-defence techniques in real life crisis situations. The course is taught by ex-army officials.

Regardless of strength, size, or previous training, anyone can learn several effective self-defense techniques and be prepared for real-world violent situations.

This workshop enables you to :
1. Boost confidence using body language
2. Improve awareness & quicken your reflexes
3. Learn how to use voice in tricky situation and how to get out of the situation
4. Get out of Physical Grabs and Holds
5. Kicking, Punching & Blocking Techniques
6. Protection Inside and Outside house

Everyone should know the moves for protection in everyday life to inflict maximum damage in case of assaults.

All of these moves are inspired by your natural instincts, which means that when you're under stress, they'll be easier to recall. 

Join the workshop and learn how to strategically defend yourself and feel empowered. 

About Grandmaster Abid:
Grand Master Abid is the Asia Head - International Kick Boxing Federation. He has more than 40 years of coaching experience and has taught lakhs of students which include general public, police, security & defense personnel. Since 1983 he has been training police personnel in self-defense and protection. 

About Dhrubajit Das:
Dhrubajit Das is a former Indian Army officer (Major). He is a Holistic Counsellor, Fitness and Unarmed Combat Expert,
Healer and a Kriya Yogi. He has contributed to the betterment of
hundreds of lives through his training programmes conducted for Army personnel. His core competencies include training in Martial Art – Muay Thai, Boxing, Kick Boxing & Taekwondo, Unarmed Combat.

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