IAI Aquaculture Expo

IAI Aquaculture Expo


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About The Event

IAI Aqua Culture Expo 2012 is a global exhibition and conference on Aquaculture and Fishing industry.IAI Aquaculture Expo invites exhibitors from all over the world to launch, exhibit, and promote new products and services from aquaculture and fishing industry.We provide platform for corporate, institutions, organization, individuals to showcase their products or services from the fields of aquaculture technology, fish feed, fish health, quality assurance, training, funding, fish farmer networks, grading, equipment, storage, processing, packaging, environmental protection, distribution, consultancy, insurance, Fish Processing Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Feed Mixers ,Marine, Chemicals, Aquaculture Equipment ,Sea Food, Feed Additives ,Marine Boilers, Frozen Sea Foods ,Equipment Labels, Food Processing Equipment, Aquarium, Fish Knives, Fishing Nets, Equipment Installation, Aquarium Decoration, Fish Skins and much more.

Exhibitor profile
• Aqua culturists/ Organic Aqua culturists
• Aquaculture equipment, spawning incubators and closed circuit equipment
• Aquaculture Technology Providers
• Aquarium Manufacturers
• Aquatic Pest Control Systems
• Cage systems
• Cleaning products and disinfectants
• Cleaning, Scaling and Filleting Equipments
• Cold Chain, Refrigeration Technology/ Equipments & cooling systems
• Co-operatives, Associations & Periodicals
• Crate Manufacturers & Storage systems
• Diving equipment
• Feed and feed additives
• Feeding systems, floats
• Financial and insurance services
• Fish and sea food processing and packing machinery and equipment
• Fish and sea food processing plants
• Fish and sea food wholesalers and retailers
• Fish farms-aquaculture
• Fish Feeds & Feed Ingredient manufacturers
• Fish Nets and Fishing Equipments
• Fish Processing Equipment Manufacturers
• Fish/ Prawn Breeders & feed Manufacturers
• Fisheries Board & Govt. department
• Fuel and lubricants
• Generators and batteries
• Health and safety equipment
• Ice making machinery
• IT, software, office and communication technology
• Live, chilled, frozen and processed fresh and sea water products
• Loading systems
• Logistics and transport
• Management consultancy services
• Marine motors
• Measuring and analysis systems
• Nets, lines, buoys
• Oxygen and air provision systems
• Pharmaceuticals
• Radar, sonar and fish shoal location systems
• Radio and telecommunications systems
• Sea Food Manufacturers
• Ship, trawler and tender builders
• Shipyards
• Transport Systems
• Under and above water lighting systems
• Vaccines and drugs
• Waste Management Plants
• Water Pumps, Floaters, Feeding Purifiers
• Winches, davits, derricks, cranes and similar onboard deck equipment

Visitor profile 
• Agriculture counselor of different countries
• Aqua culturists
• Aqua Feed Manufacturers
• Brackish and freshwater Fishing Farmers
• Consultants
• Fish Breeders
• Fish Farming Integrators
• Governments authorities
• Importers/Exporters/Buyers
• Inland and Marine Fish Farmers
• Non Government Organization
• Prawn/ Shrimp Farmers Processors
• Restaurant, Catering and Hospitality Services
• Traders and Distributors

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