Book Online Tickets for Infragistics Community Day - Deep Dive J, Ahmedabad. Infragistics Community Day is free 4Hrs learning event in your city. In this workshop, follwoing topic would be covered. 

 functions: 60 Minutes

Function as statement
Function as expression
Return statement in functions
Arguments o

Infragistics Community Day - Deep Dive JavaScript or AngularJS


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About The Event

Infragistics Community Day is free 4Hrs learning event in your city. In this workshop, follwoing topic would be covered. 


 functions: 60 Minutes

  1. Function as statement
  2. Function as expression
  3. Return statement in functions
  4. Arguments object in function
  5. Scoping in function
  6. Call back functions
  7. Closures


objects and Inheritance:  90 minutes

  1. Object literals
  2. Object’s enumerable, writable, and configurable properties
  3. Understanding value of “this”
  4. Understanding method invocation pattern, constructor invocation pattern, and indirect invocation pattern
  5. Object’s __proto__ property
  6. Objects using constructor functions
  7. Functions prototype property
  8. Object using Object.create() method
  9. Inheritance using prototype

Unit Testing: 30 minutes

  1. Setting up Jasmine
  2. Setting up Karma
  3. Writing Unit Tests
  4. Creating a simple calculator app adhering Test Driven Development

Basic AngularJS : 120 minutes

  1. Introducing Single Page Application
  2. Controller, $scope, Controller as syntax
  3. Services (), factory (), and provider ()
  4. Consuming web API in angular app
  5. Unit Testing Controller, Services, and Filters
  6. Component in AngularJS 1.5
  7. Scopes in directives 


Note : Depending on the time, we will choose in between Java and AngularJS 


About Host - Dhananjay Kumar (DJ), Developer Evangelist, Infragistics 

Dhananjay Kumar is one of the most popular Developer Evangelist from India. He is known as an avid tech blogger and a superlative speaker among the Microsoft dev stack and the Java stack developers across the world. In span of last 8 years, he has authored around 1000 blog posts on his blog and delivered around 100  free talks across the globe. Due to his contributions to the developer communities, he has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for last 7 years in a row. So far, he has trained more than 2000 professionals from various fortune 500 clients like Accenture, FactSet, CTS etc., and have evangelized products like Kendo UI, App Builder, Ingnite UI etc. to developers. Currently he works as Developer Evangelist for Infragistics and focusing on Ignite UI and their design product Indigo Studio. He has been involved with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Java, AngularJS , Type, Web Api and Azure. Prior joining to Infragistics, he has worked for companies Telerik, Infosys, and UST Global . For update about his activities, you can follow him on twitter at @debug_mode or send him Hello at Debugmode[AT]Outlook[dot]com 


For any further queires reach at : 09717098666

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