I Want a Peaceful Earth ... Magnifying Peace

I Want a Peaceful Earth ... Magnifying Peace


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About The Event

In a Series of more than 500 Scientific Experiments in past 25 years, conducted by various Universities around the world, it has been found that if square root of one percent of the worlds population comes together and Intends in a Meditative state of mind it is possible to create Peaceful Vibrations for the whole of Planet Earth. The Magic Number coming down to approx 10,000 for the population we have today.

Taking the above into consideration Peaceful Earth Foundation has come to a conclusion that it is simple to establish Peace on Earth if enough people are educated on similar lines and do what it takes, in order to apply the wisdom realized from these researches. Peaceful Earth Foundation has Started a Movement by the Name “I want a Peaceful Earth… Magnifying Peace”

The “I” in the name stands for each and every individual who takes up the personal responsibility to create Peace on Earth.

I want a Peaceful Earth… Magnifying Peace is a Movement which wishes to create Armies of Peace Ambassadors in 365 cities where one city of the world takes the responsibility of Magnifying Peace for one day of the year and there by a wave of Peace being created every day of the year. Starting with the first city Hyderabad.

I Want a Peaceful Earth... Magnifying Peace hopes to reach 10,000 Plus Peace Ambassadors in Hyderabad by the month of March 2012 and Organize its First event in Hyderabad. In Parallel to that we would also like to reach out to 10,000 more peace Ambassadors from around the World, so that it paves the path as to which cities should we go next.

In order to achieve the above Peaceful Earth Foundation is Enrolling people who are open to the following five ideas as Peace Ambassadors.


  1. Do you share a passion for peace and wish to pass it on?
  2. Would you spend just one day once a year to join a large group of like-minded individuals to make a difference to the world we live in?
  3. Show your support by becoming a member and helping us stay afloat and reach out to many more cities?
  4. Become a part of a large global community that wants exactly the same thing you signed up for – Peaceful Earth?
  5. Be a part of History?



 Peaceful Earth Foundation will be providing the following benefits to its Peace Ambassadors: 

  1. Free Entry to the Main Event in your city.
  2. One Year Subscribtion to the Most Positive Networking site available online.
  3. Connections with thousands of like minded positive people.
  4. Connections with recognised professional in the field of Alternative Medicine who can help you drastically in your Self Growth.
  5. Loads of Online Hand Picked Videos on how to attain Peace in your personal life.
  6. Priority based Invitation & Discounts to every event organized by the Organization.
  7. Discounts on the tickets for the main event for their friends. (subject to availability of seats)
  8. Merchandises sponsored by the event sponsors.
  9. One Year Subscription to the ezine “Peace Maker” which is filled with inspirations and solutions for our daily problems, from around the world.
  11. and a lot more…

Vision : To Create Peace on Earth while we are Alive… NOW

Missions :  

1. To Organize Mass Intention Meditation Events with ten thousand plus people in 365 cities across the world. 

2. To Create a Voice of People and create awareness among the common public of how we can Harness the power of Media for the betterment of the whole world if it becomes Pro-Positive, Under the Banner of “ I Want a Positive Headline”.

3. To Create Awareness among the common public about the advantages of Alternative Medicine.

4. To Create Awareness among common public about the Advantages of Alternative Energy.

5. To Create Awareness among common public about the Advantages of becoming a Organic friendly society.

Peaceful Earth Foundation is a Registered Trust, under Indian Trust Act. 

Peaceful Earth Foundation has published and distributed more than 5000 copies of “The Positive Book” so far with the help of its volunteers all over India, and also Distributed more than 10,000 copies online through its websites www.iwaph.com and www.iwantapeacefulearth.com (under construction)

Peaceful Earth Foundation in the first week of its registration has created the awareness of the benefits of Meditation to more than 10,000 students in Chennai, Coimbatore & Hyderabad with the help of its Volunteers. 

Peaceful Earth Foundation has produced around 10 short films and put them on its YouTube channel which can be viewed here http://www.youtube.com/iwaph1 these were designed to promote its Movement “I want a Positive Headline”. 

Right now any one who is willing to become a Peace Ambassador is welcome to Signup by registering here.

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