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About The Event

"Ultimate Truth" is the awareness that we are more than just Human Beings having a physical experience. As you become conscious of your own spiritual-self, along with Universal Truth, your opinions and experience of life will begin to change. Increasing one's level of consciousness by becoming self-aware, determines your state of being and the depth of happiness that can be experienced. You allow yourself to make the changes necessary to alter your experience.

Highlights of “I AM” Retreat

• The Art of Loving Self
• Way to become Thoughtless.
• To Change the Sensations of Traumas & Emotions
• Experience Spiritual Awakening
• Improved Witnessing power
• Attitudes Toward Fear of Death
• Brain, Heart and Navel alignment
• Cosmic Connection
• Awaken the peace within
• Emptying Out Your Ego
• Unhealthy Pattern removals
• Connect to Grace.

“I AM” Retreat works extensively on “Awakening the self” 

What is Awakening?

Awakening is a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness separate. Thinking no more take our possession and run life. Instead of being lost in your thinking, when you are awake you recognize yourself as the awareness behind it. It simply brings us in “Presence” without thought yet connecting to universal intelligence.
There is nothing you can do about awakening. Whatever you do will be the ego trying to add awakening or enlightenment to itself as its most respected appeal. Instead of awakening, you add the concept of awakening to your mind, or the mental images of what an awakend or enlightened person is like, and then try to live up to that image. Living up to an image that you have of yourself or that other people have of you is inauthentic living – its again mind game or unconscious role the ego plays.

Only the first awakening, the first glimpse of consciousness without thought, happens by grace, without any doing on your part. Once Awakening happened, it stays with us, possibly mind patterns and EGO can delay it. 
In short, Awakening as the end of the dream of separation, conflict, fear, pain and death, and the experience of the reality of the joy, peace and Love of Divine. 
The meaning of awakening therefore is experiential and not fully describable in words which will add only to your EGO. So Awakening cannot be taught, it is experience which you can carry it along.

How we do it?

1) Personal Development (Psychological Healing) with Naad Yoga, Sound Healing & DNA Activation.

Personal development covers mind, body, emotion and EGO self. Growing up psychologically, where we learn to free ourselves from fear, reactive behaviors and patterns. Also dissolving the frequencies at DNA level which holds back.

There is no other Yoga as fast and powerful as “Naad Yoga” to grow spiritually and to remove stress, Struggle and illness. -Yogashikha Upanishad

"Nada Brahma", which means, all is sound, or all of creation is sound. Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment for healing in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being. 

2) Transpersonal Development (Spiritual) with Bodh Kriya

"As all waves are in the ocean, so are all things physical and mental in awareness. Hence awareness itself is all-important, not the content of it. Deepen and broaden your awareness of yourself, and all the blessings will flow." Nisargadatta Maharaj

BODH KRIYA will take you to the state of being where you realize that you are more than what you think. Its very easy to do and suitable in modern age where people don’t get enough time, can’t practice regularly. Bodh kriya is only practice which can be done while eating, travelling, bathing, walking or any time.
The fastest technique to grow spiritually as it is based on advanced versions of Naad Yoga. It’s also a philosophy to leave a better Life.

Key characteristic of an “I AM” Retreat.

• Attention is focused on the present moment.
• Enhanced sense of reality and Nonjudgmental attitude.
• Persistent feeling of being “Home”, regardless of where we are.
• Enhanced aesthetic appreciation
• Spontaneous peak experiences in everyday life
• Enhanced empathy with all living being.
• Increased creativity and joy in engagements which benefit others.
• No fear of death.
• Detachment from conflicts and enhanced modes of dealing with them.
• Dreams are more coherent and often lucid
• A feeling of Completeness, Self-reliant and content.
• Indifference towards roles in society, such as status, acclaim, fame, position, wealth etc
• Authentic, accessible, benevolent, empathic, sense of humour, tolerant, perceptive, wise
• Purposeful and rewarding relationships without attachments or dependency
• Ability to adapt and experience any viewpoint from the viewer’s perspective.

Energize Cosmic Vibration Environment 

On this 5 days retreat we offer you a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit in retreat of beauty, tranquility and home like closeness. Pamper your body and soul while exploring 160 acre spiritual resort Near Mumbai. Become energized through daily Sound Healing become receptive to grace.

Unforgetful experience.
Daily detox with sound healing
Regular Dance Movement, Sufi Music, Bhajan and Play
Optional Massage & Ayurvedic Treaments.
3 times Sattvik food

Sattvik yet Graceful Living

Early Bird Offer Before Dusshera - Rs: 27,000/-
Early Bird Offer After Dusshera - Rs: 29,000/-

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Experience change in your Intensive Awakening into Miracles!!

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