I 4 U - Festival of Love

I 4 U - Festival of Love


  • Silver - Couple

    Only couple entry

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1999
    Sold Out
  • Gold - Couple

    Couple entry + 3 hrs unlimited liqour with starters only (Timings will be decided and will be updated prior to the event)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 4999
    Sold Out
  • Platinum (VVIP) - Couple

    Couple entry + Unlimited liquor & Food through out the event.

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 9999
    Sold Out
  • Stag Entry

    Only Stag Entry

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1199
    Sold Out

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About The Event

This event is celebration of love, which is a Valentine Special. This is purely an entertainment eve with DJs Mr. Rohit Barker and Ms. Esha along with Live Rock Band with a few entry surprises. Pass holders may surprise their valentine at the venue in a different style by a prior booking (These passes are limited).

At the entrance of the outer lawn guests will be guided through 7 stage special set up, and there on to lawn area with a specail photo shoot for free.


Artist Full Names

Mr. Rohit Barker -- DJ

Ms. Esha Das – DJ

Spencer Maybe – Rock Band


 Artist Bios

Mr. Rohit Barker :

An RJ to VJ to a professional event DJ and producer, Rohit Barker has tried everything one can think of in the field of entertainment. He started as a radio jockey, moved on to become a video jockey, then returned to work as a professional RJ and finally after moving around in the radio for a while then decided up to the disc.

Life as a DJ - Mr. Rohit Barker 

After spending over a decade with RJ Ivan, Rohit Barker gave into his wish of entering the music world and picked up his event equipment to produce his own music. Rohit barker is one of the lead hosts in Sunburn India, VH1 Supersonic Festival and Submerge. Completed 10 years with Indigo hotmix live music bar. He keeps his fans entertained with his beats. He can host an event and change the atmosphere completely with his crazy beats.

Ms. DJ Esha

Known as the beauty with the beats, DJ Esha is a Bangalore based DJ who is slowly gaining momentum in the clubbing circuit. The multi talented DJ has been performing at various clubs in India and even works as a model when she not making people get loose with her music. Known for her experimental music, DJ Esha knows how to make people spin to her music.

During the year 2014, she was the only female DJ to be a part of the official lineup for Shiva Squad Music festival in Manali. Recently the young DJ was featured in a short movie by Bluestone, which focused on her journey as a DJ.

 Mr. Spencer Maybe

Spencer Maybe has been making and playing music for over twenty years. His music is a testament to the wide range of inspirations, from stunning acoustic love songs, to sexy as hell rock tunes. He covers all bases with ease! He likes to refer to his style of music as Beach Side Country!

In 2007, Spencer Maybe won the Whoopee Clubs first ever male tournament of the tease. This opened a whole new element to his performing career. Spencer found that burlesque was a new way to showcase his music and was the only artist on the scene to perform to his one music, alongside innovate routines to some classics. A trailblazer in the male burlesque scene. 

 Event Start Time: 17:00 Hrs

 Event End Time: 23:00 Hrs

 Event Duration: 6 Hrs

 Event Language: English, & Hindi

 Age limit to enter the event: 18+ Years

 Age limit to buy tickets to the event: Anybody can buy (But, liquor will be served to those who are 21 years of age or more)


Would I be allowed in case if I am late for the show?

 Yes, you are allowed.

 Is re-entry allowed?

 Yes. But, given band, entry pass etc needs to be verified.

 Ticket Inclusive of Hospitality (F&B)?

 Yes. With terms & conditions.

 If Yes, What all will be provided:

  • 1199/-    -   Only Stag Entry
  • 1999/-    -  Only couple entry
  • 4999/-    -  Couple entry + 3 hrs unlimited liqour + 3 Hrs Starters  (During Liqior timings only , & Timings will be decided and will be updated prior to the event)
  • 9999/-    -   Couple entry + Unlimited liquor & Food till 22:30 Hrs.

Welcome drinks will be provided to all entrants.

 Seat details (Seated or Free seated): Free Seated

 Total Capacity of the Venue: 3,500 pax

 Is parking available at the venue: Yes

 Is parking Free or Chargeable: Free


Note :

-  Liquor will not be served to those who are under 21 years of age.

Venue Map