HYPNO - NLP Workshop For Self Improvement

HYPNO - NLP Workshop For Self Improvement


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About The Event

What Will You Learn In The Worshop?

Learn Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis

  • What Is Hypnosis, Myths About Hypnosis And How It Works?
  • What Is Conscious Mind And Subconscious Mind? How It Works?
  • How Subconscious Mind Is Programmed?
  • How Imagination Affects You Physically?
  • Why Imagination Is Much More Powerful Than Will Power?
  • How To Go Into Self-Hypnosis Instantly, Program Your Subconscious Mind And Come Out Of It Safely Within 30 Seconds?
  • How To Give Positive Suggestions To Make Positive Changes In Your Subconscious Mind?
  • How To Formulate Effective Suggestions?And much more

Learn The NLP Techniques

  • Developing Rapport: You will learn how to make other people like you and trust you within 90 seconds.
  • Mind Triggers (Anchors): For recreating a positive state of mind with trigger words.
  • Developing Rapport With Groups: You will learn how to develop rapport with groups and how to captivate the audience.
  • How to Improve Relationship : Using this powerful NLP technique you will learn how to improve relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, clients and customers tremendously.
  • Goal Setting: In very simple steps, you will learn how to formulate goals and program your subconscious mind using advanced timeline techniques in a way that you start moving towards your goals and start accepting it automatically.
  • Circle of Excellence: This is a powerful NLP technique to draw resources from your past like confidence, patience, clear thinking and associate those feelings for future events and situations in such a way that the moment you are there you will instantly feel that feeling of confidence, patience and clear thinking and this will have a tremendous positive impact on the outcome of your effort. You can use powerful technique whenever you want to gain instant confidence for future events and situations in life.
  • Accelerated Learning: Accelerated learning and mind trigger to encourage and ensure your focus and concentration. It increases your memory, concentration, creativity and assimilation of knowledge.

Learn The Psychic Power

  • Mental Projection: The simple exercise to increase your psychic power.
  • Past Life Regression: You will learn how to guide yourself to vivid memories of your past life and thereby gain an understanding of the present life.
  • Guides and Masters: You will learn how to create guides and masters in this exercise to take advice to solve your problem.
  • Miracle Manifestation: This technique will program your subconscious mind to expect the positive miracle happening to you. What you expect to happen tends to happen. In this hypnotic session you are guide to program your subconscious mind to manifest a miracle happening to you.


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