Hyderabad Toastmasters Meeting # 128

Hyderabad Toastmasters Meeting # 128


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Hyderabad Toastmasters - a not-for-profit PUBLIC SPEAKING & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FORUM affiliated to TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL - DISTRICT 41 is a community club, where all men and women above the age group of 18 years gather every 2nd and 4th sunday for two hours, to help each another become better public speakers and leaders. 

Soft-skills are the most critical differentiator in todays world. Communication is the key skill required today to make oneself visible. There are many situations, when we may be called upon to share our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences in a group. Deep inside us - we know we want to share. we want to let people know our thoughts - after all we humans, are social beings. We all wish to be known, to be liked, to be accepted, to be respected and to be looked upto.

But STAGE FEAR, the fear that when we open our mouth - we will probably put our foot into it - stops us dead in our tracks. It is probably exaggerated that most people probably want to be in the coffin than be speaking about the person in the coffin to a live audience.  However it is true that each one of us has the fear of public speaking.  


If you were to break that fear - one can gain immense SELF CONFIDENCE. even a tiny dose of self-confidence, can make a HUGE difference to one's professional career.

- One of our toastmasters used to shiver, when asked to get up and speak. He was from a non-english medium education at school and was responsible for leading a team at work. After attending toastmasters for six months, when he worked very hard on the toastmaster speech manuals and took responsibilities in every meeting. The toastmaster meetings and his positive attitude transformed him into such an effective leader, that he was promoted by his bosses at work. He was transferred to pune, where he was given additional responsibilities. Today he is in Bangalore, after having changed his job for better prospects and has a senior role. He credits the entire change in his life to the confidence, he gained in Toastmasters. 

- Quite a few of the toastmasters working in software organization - in my 5 year association with toastmasters at hyderabad, get chosen by their managers for assignments out of india to face the customer -as they badly need those communication skills in frontline managers dealing with customers.

I could go on and on about the benefits. But it does take some effort to achieve those benefits. The effort to first convince yourself that you want to do it is paramount. Mind you it is easy to pro-castinate - so whenver you decide to do it - do decide also a DATE by which you want to do it. 

The rest is just logistics. All you need to do is to plan your day. Leave home early and drop in at Hyderabad Toastmasters on 2nd and 4th sundays at 09:45 am sharp. If you are not there by 10 am - you may have to return without attending the meeting - so please aim to reach by 09:30 the first time you are coming. We are sure you would also hate to see your first meeting at toastmaters turn into a morning walk. We follow some basic discipline - because it does take some rigour to ensure we all benefit and improve.  

At our meeting, you will be welcomed with a smile and be introduced to a 30 people strong group that is diverse. Entrepreneurs, students, yoga practitioners, working professionals in various corporates, home professionals - all form a strongly bonded group having one single motive - improve ourselves and each other in a supportive environment.  

Welcome to toastmasters and the experience is sure to help yourself change your world. Kindly register on our meetup portal and RSVP if coming, so we can organize enough seating and other arrangements to make your visit comfortable.

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