Hyderabad Sailing Trip

Hyderabad Sailing Trip


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Sail Hussain Sagar Lake sailing is technical, because one has to make frequent changes of direction and because wind conditions typically fluctuate more than off shore, so many of the world’s best sailors grew up sailing lakes. In association with the Hyderabad Sailing Club, and Omega Topaz's, Delhi Rock is conducting a 3 day sailing tournament in Hyderabad. Here's a breakdown of the trip day by day.


DAY 1, FRI: We arrive bright and early, take our Omegas, and spend a couple of hours doing drills on the boats for tacks and heaves. Switch spots, learn terms, and coordinate. Once we're ready, we take the boats out for a cruise on the lake, one instructor per boat. Stop for lunch, and then repeat, but this time with buoys or targets to get to and back.


DAY 2, SAT: Early start again, and now we start to incorporate planning, right of way, currents, sail trim and boat pitch. This day is going to be focused on teaching you how to be sensitive to your boat, and safely maximize speed. Again instructor led, so that you get to learn with constant feedback.


DAY 3, SUN: Race day! We race our boats against each other. The teams are self organised, with skipper, strategist and other roles decided within the team. Instructors sit back here, and only play the role of emergency safety stop; otherwise students run the show themselves racing around the lake.


Two races, before and after lunch. A prerequisite for this trip is the DELHI ONSHORE SAILING PRIMER the weekend prior (see the events section of Delhi Rock) which will get you prepped on both theory and fitness before you get out on the water. The cost of attending the Hyderabad trip is Rs 16,500 per person, not including transport or acco, in cash, cheque or wire transfer to Delhi Rock. Ages permissible are 14 years and above.


For any inquiry, email - team@delhirock.com.


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