Connect the Dots - 50 Shades of Gender

Connect the Dots - 50 Shades of Gender


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Connect the Dots - 50 Shades of gender

Molested. Raped. Manhandled. Eve Teased. Killed.

This is the violence against women season and the headliners nationwide are not disappointing. Armchair critics have been blaming everything from education, police protection, westernization, media to chowmein. Should we pause to consider that the problem may lie elsewhere?

Maybe it is the same "problem" that breaks every teenager's self esteem because he is not man enough, woman enough. Same "problem" because of which every adult today is never a good wife, daughter in law, mother or a husband. The same set of beliefs we - as a rational, progressive and educated generation - dismiss, but still carry. 

In the December edition of Connect The Dots, we take a deeper look at Gender stereotypes - Where do they come from and when does it begin? Do we as parents reinforce it everyday? How does it affect the way we see ourselves and others? And as we march ahead - are we breaking stereotypes or creating new ones?

Tentative speakers and entertainers - 

* Dr. Shaibya Saldanha, gynaecologist, child and adolescent health practitioner, co-founder, Enfold India Trust, on where it all starts

* Photo journalist, Sindhuja P on Koovagam and the Koothandavar festival - the largest 'third gender' congregation in India

* Amjad Prawej of Bangalore Little Theatre Foundation will present a 10 minute play. 

* Shemeer P. Babu, of, an online crowd sourced map tracking cases of violence against women in India.

* Amitabh Kumar from the Center for Social Research, on gender stereotypes from the perspective of men and masculinity. 

* Movie screening: It's Cricket, No? - A documentary on the journey of the 2012 T-20 winners, The Indian Blind Cricket Team. Watch the trailer here - playlist?list=PL9467C8CADB3 EC10A

Connect the Dots is a meeting place for those who are looking to connect their daily lives to sustainability at large, for all of us who care how sustainability – social, cultural, environmental – translates to our lives and interests. 

Connect The Dots series is organized by The Alternative - an online media platform focused on Sustainable living. 

This event is free.

Venue: Atta Galatta, 75, 2nd Main, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, India 560095. Phone number - (080) 30181626 / +91 9686 453 774

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