We know that...

- Women are significantly under-represented in the workplace, and they are put under tremendous pressure to conduct themselves as ‘men’

- Technology an



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About The Event





We know that...


  • - Women are significantly under-represented in the workplace, and they are put under tremendous pressure to conduct themselves as ‘men’
  • - Technology and hierarchical changes have created a big chasm between the way-of-working of the experienced employees and the young employees
  • - International companies face significant intercultural conflicts/challenges building fruitful joint-ventures with local enterprises


With these challenges comes great opportunity! It is inviting us to look beyond our differences (race, gender, class, position, generation…) and unlock immense value by harnessing the unique gifts and talents that diversity brings to the workplace.


By looking at diversity with a new (so far unexplored) level of awareness and simply relating to one another at a deeper human level we can;


  • - Empower women to bring the essential ingredients of flourishing organizations; love, care, intuition, compassion, etc.
  • - Combine the drive of the young generation with the forethought of the experienced generation in order to make a fulfilling workplace
  • - Build trusting relationships and unleash greater synergies with overseas companies



“So what does it take to see each other in this way and how do we translate it into a new wave of value creation for organizations (Business, NGO, Political) in India?”


To address these questions, we are bringing to India for the first time the SUMMIT FOR HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION. During these 2.5 days, organizational leaders will have the opportunity to fully experience their own immense potential and discover for themselves how operating from this place leads to breakthroughs in cross cultural, generational and gender understanding. We will also co-create a TOOLBOX of the right language, symbols, rituals and ceremonies that opens hearts and minds towards diversity, and accelerate the embrace of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


In the Summit, we will explore how resolving these diversity challenges fosters innovation, employee engagement, customer orientation and eventually bottom line results. Following the summit, participants will feel equipped to bring this toolbox back into their organizations and BE the change they wish to see.



Who will Attend?


C-level leaders, OD/DIVERSITY Managers, NPO/NGO Leaders, Academia (Social-Cultural Studies), Government officials, Community Leaders, and Change Makers who want to champion greater diversity in their organizations through HUMAN POTENTIAL Realization.



Meet the facilitators


Sujith Ravindran, Vancouver, Canada – Bestselling Author, Teacher and Co-conceiver of HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment Tool; Motto - "Doing from a Place of True Being"; Scholar of the Indian spiritual sciences; Coaches business leaders, political leaders and entrepreneurs with passion for social change.


Mark Vandeneijnde, Zurich, Switzerland– Co-founder of Being at Full Potential. In partnership with our 50+ certified Human Potential coaches, we assist organizational leaders across the globe to question some of their most ingrained assumptions about the business, to look at the future with fresh eyes and to courageously expand the role they play in society.


Vanessa Jane Smith– The Hague, Holland – founder of Crafting Connection; Big Picture creations; connecting with teams and leaders to their creative power to transform what is, into the greater Potential of what wants to happen, and support them as that potential unfolds. Images in this communication are by Vanessa.



Opening up new ground together and shaping a more DIVERSE future for organizations in INDIA.




INDIA Summit – how it will happen – the highlights

Day 1: 4 pm start

Day 2 & 3: 8.30am start; Day 3 ends 4.00pm

  • - Setting the tone and the standards for the Summit


  • - Evening: Authentic introductions around the fire – sharing aspirations as organizational leaders
  • - Introduction to the Human Potential Model
  • - Discovery of and Immersion into our own full Potential
  • - Experimenting and embodying the DIVERSITY we wish create in our organization
  • - Extracting the insights and takeaways
  • - Creating an action plan
  • - Sharing our commitments



After the Summit.........


  • - All participants will be invited to experience the HUMAN POTENTIAL ASSESSMENT TOOL online, prior to the Summit
  • - YOU WILL RECEIVE THE D&I TOOLBOX that you can implement within your organization/setting
  • - After the Summit: You will be invited to be part of the special global online “BEING AT FULL POTENTIAL - SOCIAL COMMUNITY PLATFORM” to tap into the collective experiences and expertise of a world-wide community of thought leaders - to continue to support and inspire each other and to co-create projects.



Who we are


BEING AT FULL POTENTIAL is a leader in building the bridge between the increasingly outdated hierarchical organizational culture and the emerging culture of empowerment, creativity and trust - through a range of unique and innovative tools and methodologies such as the HUMAN POTENTIAL ASSESSMENT TOOL and the HUMAN POTENTIAL METHODOLOGY.


BEING AT FULL POTENTIAL is a team of 50+ changemakers, over 50% of which are women. No more than 15% of the team is from any one country, and it is an even mix of experienced and young.



We are pleased to invite you to gather with people asking the most significant questions of our generation and to discover what a truly diverse organization looks and FEELS like.

(Limited to 35 participants only)




Terms & Conditions




Please note that the whole summit is an integrated programme. In order to get the best out of the summit and make your contribution impactful, kindly ensure your presence in the summit right from the start until the end. Please check-in before 4pm on Sunday, the 21st of February 2016.


We have designed this summit as a residential programme, including evening activities. So please ensure your stay at the summit premises for the 21st & 22nd February 2016 evenings.




  • - Please carry necessary identification to the summit to prove your eligibility for the FREELANCE COACH package or the STUDENT package. 

  • - All packages include your participation in the summit, all your food & refreshments, and A/C double-shared accommodation (for A/C SINGLE occupancy, please include an additional INR 3000 for 2 nights).

  • - Non-A/C single rooms can be availed at a discount of INR 1000 over the ticket price.

  • - All prices are exclusive service tax of 14.5% (except for the students package where the service tax is included in the ticket price)

  • - A small number of scholarships are available for eligible candidates. Please contact the organizers directly to ascertain your eligibility for scholarship.




We understand that unforeseen circumstances may sometimes stand in the way of your participation. In case you are unable to join the Summit, we offer you the possibility to arrange your own replacement and thus avoid cancellation charges.


Please see the cancellation terms;


* Before 15th January, 2016: 50% of the total fee

* Between 16th January & 21st February: 100% of the total fee

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