How To Invest In Stock Market

How To Invest In Stock Market


  • Workshop: How To Invest In Stock Market

    Workshop session to learn about stock market investment strategy

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  • Workshop: How To Invest In Stock Market

    Workshop: How To Invest In Stock Market

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1000
    Sold Out

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About The Event

How To Invest In Stock Market: Workshop



  1. Realize the potential of stock market
  2. Know three simple rules to play the game safely and win
  3. Validate the concept using historical data
  4. Understand statistical vs. specific prediction
  5. Realize the power of ideal portfolio composition(say good bye to tips)
  6. Tax Benefit for First Time Stock Investors 
  7. Understand how 15 min. per week commitment and APS (Active Portfolio Service) can simplify and help to follow all the rules.
  8.  Q & A



During last decade real estate and gold got major attention across investors’ community. However, during the same period stock market marched ahead and yielded much better result than both of them.  Uncertainty linked to stock market is often the reason behind investor’s decision to avoid this path.  A person not knowing the rules of traffic gets scared on observing a busy junction from top. His/her situation is not different from a lay man viewing the stock market. Nevertheless, once we know the rules of the traffic then we not only abandons our fear but we enjoy driving too.


This workshop is based on “Open Strategy” philosophy in which we share crucial data, strategy and enable participants to be independent decision maker.  On completion of the workshop, participants will realize how they can select the stocks themselves and make decent profit on investment. It will break the myth of “tips is only way to make money in the stock market”.


This workshop is useful for novice and experts both. Novice investors will learn the crucial concepts of stock investment while for expert investors, we have tools and techniques to help improve their efficiency and return on investment.



This workshop can be attended by anybody who knows the meaning of words investment, trade, stock exchange, stock or share.


Bringing laptop/Tablet/Smartphone with internet connectivity will be helpful however not compulsory.


Workshop Charge:


 Essentially this workshop is free. In order to avoid false registration we are charging Rs.1000/-. Based on the formal feedback at the end of the workshop we will:


  1. Refund cheque of Rs.1000 to all who are not satisfied. 
  2. Award discount coupon of Rs.1499/- to satisfied attendee, using which one can subscribe three months service of APS.


About Co-ordinator:


This workshop will be conducted by Mr. Jyoti Kumar. He is Director and co-founder of Bazaar Analysis Pvt. Ltd. His passion for demystifying stock market moved him from his previous career at Microsoft (R&D). Before starting this venture he had multiple years of stock market experience and before starting this venture he took first-hand experience of   playing with different instruments in the
stock market rigorously. He has developed a platform for auto-trading and data based analysis for SME segment and state of the art tool for optimization of mutual fund portfolios.


Recently he started with the objective to serve retail investors and traders. This website has changed the rules of the game in stock market consulting. Unlike others in the field who charge (directly or indirectly) for providing tips, this website emphasises on overall portfolio building and money/risk management. This website shares all knowledge and wisdom free of cost and just charges to help subscribers improve their efficiency.

An alumnus   of IIT-Delhi and IIM-Kozhikode, Mr. Jyoti Kumar has worked and consulted across multiple domains during his 16 years of career. His creative bent and passion to solve challenging problem has fetched him patents and publications in international journal.

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