How to increase your Personal Productivity?

How to increase your Personal Productivity?


  • How to increase your Personal Productivity

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In this 24 x 7 world, productivity has become a key Mantra, for Success. Each person is trying for that phenomenal productivity, which will shoot him / her to the top of the World. Some might say personal productivity is getting more stuff finished in a timely manner. Some would tell you that personal productivity is setting goals and accomplishing those goals.

The productivity method that works best for you, can mean a huge difference to your work. We have studied several well–known and quite a few not so well–known tools and systems. In this Workshop, we will some of the tools and processes, which will help you to improve your productivity by a cool 20%.

Personal Productivity is not Output / Input, which is too simplistic.A better way is to look at the value created / resources used. This 2 hour Workshop will definitely get you hungry to know more on how to improve you Personal Productivity.

Tools and Systems:

  1. Using Ultradian Rhythm
  2. Using Time Chunks
  3. A Secret Technique (known only to a privileged few)
  4. How to handle eMails

The Facilitator, Dr. Sunil Pevekar, Business Coach and SMB Consultant has conducted this Workshop in Dubai and Kuwait, over the last 5 years.

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