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What is Home Gardening?

Home gardening can be considered as a hobby, a relaxing escape from the pressures of an urban environment. Growing fresh vegetables, herbs, or fruits provides a great sense of joy and accomplishment,  can also reduce the family's food budget. The main reasons of home gardening is that, vegetables grown in the home garden are superior in taste , quality,freshness, vitamins & minerals to vegetables from super market. 


Home gardening is to utilize space available in & around of the home like terrace, Banglow open space, galleries, porch, walls, gates where sunlight is available for growing vegetables.


  • The main objective of having a home garden is to have uninterrupted supply of organic quality vegetables for the family throughout the year.
  • Home gardens are grown naturally, one can be assured that no chemicals are added that are harmful to the crop, the consumer, and the environment, so we can avoid long term sickness.
  • Planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting add purposeful physical activity to our regular life.
  • Gardening is also a way to relax, de-stress, improve concentration, get fresh air and sunshine.
  • Children also can take part and improve their knowledge and skills in environmentally sustainable gardening.




Natural farming is environment friendly and sustainable. The cost of production is low and it is sustainable production.   Chemical farming requires high monetary investment for purchase of key inputs like hybrid seeds, fertilizers and plant protection chemicals from the market. In natural farming all inputs are used from their own farm itself. The system requires a native breed of cattle (desi cow) which is any case forms an integral part of farming families in rural areas. Farmers should use only good quality deshi seeds, produced from their own farms by following selection method of breeding.

 Benefits of Natural farming. = Low expenditure & High Income

  1. Lowered cost of production.
  2. Increased productivity.
  3. Improved profits
  4. Sustainable agricultural development.
  5. Better Natural Resource Management. ( as water and soil is not polluted by chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides).
  6. Availability of healthy and quality food for consumption.
  7. Good taste and better shelf life.
  8. Preserving ecology as it supports flora and fauna.
  9. Better management of on farm resources.
  10. Lowered energy consumption





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