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About The Event

What is Holotropic Breathwork, and what will happen to me if I do it?
Holotropic Breathwork is a new name for an ancient practice – using the breath to access our deepest selves. Throughout human history, men and women have felt the need to go beyond normal, everyday reality. We have used many vehicles for this journey – plants (such as soma, peyote or ayahuasca), chemicals (such as LSD), dancing, fasting, deep, prolonged meditation, and the breath. The term ‘holotropic’ was coined by Dr. Stanislav Grof, Czech-born psychiatrist and leader in the field of transpersonal psychology. ‘Holo’ (in Greek) means ‘wholeness’ and ‘trapein’ means ‘moving towards’. So, using the breath, music, and creating a safe setting, we use this method to ‘move towards wholeness’.
Participants lie on a mat with eyes closed and breathe deeper and faster than normal while listening to fairly loud music. This process of breathing, supported by the music, allows everyday reality to ‘fall away’ so that we can access deeper parts that might have been covered up for years. Typically, we can feel deep emotions – both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ – such as sadness, anger, joy, or bliss. We can remember episodes, events or emotions from our past; we can remember in our bodies and minds the process of our birth; we can feel energies moving through our bodies; we can have visions of ‘transpersonal realms’ – such as heaven, hell, light, darkness, god, etc.; we can feel deeply connected to all life; we can be taught ‘lessons’ we need for our everyday lives. These are just some of the experiences reported by participants in Holotropic workshops.
While we are experiencing whatever comes up, we learn to accept our deeper selves. Sometimes, we are able to release hurt, pain, fear or rage that we have suffered all our lives. We could come to a new understanding of who we are and what we want for ourselves.
Sessions conducted by Doug Chancey & Sharanya Naik

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