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Do you spend most of your day thinking Negative Thoughts about yourself and others around you ?
Do you feel anxious, afraid, insecure, and at times experience lack o

Holistic Leadership : Changing The Leopard\'s Spot\'s (Level I) ~ A Neural Process Lab For Holistic Leadership Development



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13 th/ 14th / 20th / 21st JULY 2013 -NON RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND BATCH


Do you spend most of your day thinking Negative Thoughts about yourself and others around you ?


Do you feel anxious, afraid, insecure, and at times experience lack of confidence, about your life and career ?


Did you get upset over lack of support, back-talk and undue criticism ?


Does suspicion, jealousy and irritation fill you with anguish ?


Do you say things in anger; go through hopelessness and feel disappointment or regret ?


Get rid off Handle all of the above and many more self damaging THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS with a changed perspective, humour and positivity that will bring the birth of a NEW POSITIVE YOU!


Participate in the FOUR DAY Revolutionary Life Altering Neuroscience based Process Lab CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS ~ A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.


There is a person with whom you spend more time than any other, a person who has more influence over you, and more ability to interfere with or to support your growth than anyone else. This ever-present companion is YOUR OWN SELF - Dr. Pamela Butler, Clinical Psychologist


CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS ~ A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP is a unique Leadership program focusing exclusively on Holistic Leadership. Based on breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive behaviour therapy, the program provides powerful techniques for tangible personal improvements and greater Holistic Leadership Skills through an Integrated Mental Approach.


CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS ~ A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP is not a process lab about the leadership of others. Instead, it is about something more fundamental and more powerful - Holistic Leadership. It is about the leadership that we exercise over ourselves. In fact, we argue that if we ever hope to be effective leaders of others, we must first be effective leaders of ourselves. To better understand the process of Holistic Leadership and how we can improve our capability in this area. Leading in the Holistic Leadership context is having the skill set and the mindset to accept responsibility and take the initiative for succeeding in your work-related role. In Holistic Leadership, perhaps the most useful definition of leadership is simply A process of influence. Holistic - leadership has been more broadly defined as the process of influencing oneself to establish the self direction and self-motivation needed to perform.


CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS ~ A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP involves leading oneself via the utilization of both behavioural and mental techniques. Behavioural holistic -leadership techniques involve self-observation, self-goalsetting, management of antecedents to behaviour (e.g., cues), modification of consequents to behaviour (e.g., self-reinforcement, selfpunishment), and the finding of natural rewards in tasks performed. Mental Holistic Leadership techniques involve examination and alteration of self-dialogue, beliefs and assumptions, mental imagery, and thought patterns (habits in ones thinking). 


"YOU ARE WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE" CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS  A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP explores methods for achieving personal goals using selfassessment, selfreward, selftalk, mental imagery, team think, and other cutting -edge concepts in the field of NEURO SCIENCES i.e. PSYCHO NEURO IMMUNOLOGY, PSYCHO SYNTHESIS and NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING and MODERN PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORIES. It is an excellent resource for Sales Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders, and Others in Leadership Positions.




We cant externalize anything in the form of behaviour, relationships, responses and physical actions unless there is a neural imprint in the brain. Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski  a Polish-American philosopher and scientist, once said God May Forgive You For Your Sins, But Your Nervous System Wont.


The task of neural science is to explain behaviour in terms of the activities of the brain. How does the brain marshal its millions of individual nerve cells ( Neurons ) to produce behaviour, and how are these cells influenced by the environment? The last frontier of the biological sciences - their ultimate challenge - is to understand the biological basis of consciousness and the mental processes by which we perceive, act, learn, and remember. - Eric Kandel, Principles of Neural Science.


We at International Institute Of Holistic Leadership Development and our sister concern Centre Of Enhancement Of Human Excellence, since the past decade plus, have brought under one umbrella the best and latest tools and processes used globally, in the domain of Neurosciences, for e.g. Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Cybernetics, Systems Theory, Huna, Ontology, Power Of The Sub Conscious Mind, Emotional Intelligence and Theories of Modern Day Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Metaphysics, due to which individuals have been able to resolves for themselves, sometimes decades old issues faced by them for which they thought there were no answers or solutions.


In the CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP each participant is tested on 24 PSYCHOLOGICAL extremely powerful SELFASSESSMENT TESTS on Holistic Leadership broken up into THREE AVENUES : 1. PERSONAL BARRIERS, 2. INTERPERSONAL BARRIERS, and 3. IN SEARCH OF SELFGROWTH thereby giving each one of them an insight into their own mental makeup and personal thinking and behavioural patterns.


Due to the integrated approach built into to the CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS  A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP program, most participants have also experienced alterations in their neural pathways and networks, due to which they experienced being Re-Born, more Confident and higher levels of Motivation and Self Esteem, also more focused in their personal, professional and social lives where by bringing about a balance in these areas. Some have even got rid of their Anger and a few of their permanent Phobias where by boosting performance. A few other benefits that participants over the years have experienced is the breaking of negative thought patterns which are many times self sabotaging and lessening the pessimistic approach towards all aspects of life mainly relationships. Another by-product is the stoppage of the blame games which most of us are involved in on a daily basis, and are able to become responsible towards ones own self and ones own thought patterns / learned to manage stress/ learned to psych up and down / enhanced performance at meetings, negotiations, and presentations / enhanced personal effectiveness in communicating and managing / create compelling goals / created own personal state of excellence and maintain a resourceful state in others/ developed creativity and flexibility / become more positive / changed unwanted behaviours and habits in positive ways / increased flexibility of behaviour / be clear about what matters to them.


In many ancient civilizations and scriptures, Human Beings are also referred to as Thought Identities. CHANGING THE LEOPARDs SPOTS A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP is all about understanding your thought patterns (why do I think the way I think ?) and the process which are taking place in the background which is giving you your thinking pattern (the thinking behind your thinking). So by understanding and altering the background the foreground automatically changes. Hence we say that CHANGING THE LEOPARDS SPOTS  A NEURAL PROCESS LAB FOR HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP, is an extremely powerful selfimprovement program wherein you can undergo a complete metamorphosis of yourself by cutting off your mental flab.




I attended Dr. Tavkarrs Holistic Leadership Program  Changing the Leopards Spots.Human beings are not built for failure - these were his starting words and they immediately mesmerized me. Dr. Tavkarr is a leading expert in NLP. Thanks to him, I found answers to all my questions which have troubled me throughout my life. I have attended several international corporate programs on Leadership; however, Dr. Tavkarrs program was the best purely because of the connect and rapport he builds with his magnetic personality. I felt that a surgeon operated on my mind. It was a clean surgery and the incision was made through my thoughts, went on repairing emotional tissues, strengthened attitudinal muscles and empowered my memory. I have emerged as a better person. My whole personality is vibrating with my novel purpose and the satisfaction of home coming through selfdiscovery remains unparalleled. Dr. Tavkarr integrates the best of ancient spirituality with modern Leadership techniques and NLP. He creates magic with his students by unlocking tremendous human potential. I strongly recommend all the global and entrepreneurial leaders to attend his programs! ~ Vishal Nandimath GM  Operations, Infotek Netalia Limited. 


Dr. Tavkarr invited me to attend his workshop on Changing the Leopards Spot  and I went and ttended and got a lot transformed  learned that life is a lot better than we think...learned that all that happens to us is due to us Learned that it is possible to go to the core of yourself  and change for the better. all because he makes you get connected with him, with your own self  and with HIM too  very effective and eloquent, Dr. Tavkarr has vast experience and executes his plans well  he is making a difference by helping people make a difference  I recommend anyone having problems with his oneself  to go attend his workshop  but then one thing  you will have to choose to receive Ramesh Sood, DGM HR, Walchandnagar Industries Limited. 


ON BEING REBORN Peeling off the layers is a very painful process. The wound is raw. All that is impure has to flow out. That is even more painful. So the wound has to left open. A lot of disillusionment follows. Senseless, hopeless, sleep. Sleep does not heal the wound. It helps the impurities to flow out  completely. Then comes the vacant feeling. Completely listless. Meaningless. A blank mind. A mind without thoughts, then feels like life without enthusiasm to live. Life without breath! 

The mind blanks out at its own will. The struggle continues. This is the purifying process. The mind is finally free of all the garbage. The dump collected over years, maybe centuries, lifetimes  A mind free, empty -a state of stupor. 

Then comes faith. It comes from deep within. Faith manifests itself. Its a feeling - of comfort, love, being cared for. A sound sleep follows. This time, sleep fills the mind with faith. The body is exhausted. It tries to go against the mind. The body now is fighting a losing battle. It protests, it induces fatigue, the mind is winning ... Now there is no struggle, no fight. There is a lot of compassion. Faith and compassion together heal the body. 

Finally, the body is relaxed, realises its existence because of the mind and the twain meet. 

The entire struggle, pain, fear, anger now takes a new meaning. They turn into learnings, experiences which are bound to be. Experiences which form a part of this existence. Existence now finds meaning in experience. The mind now learns to BE. Reassured. Loved. ~ Does Not Wish To Be Named


The more I ponder on Changing The Leopards Spots Program, the more I realize that it has provided immense benefits. To exhaustively describe every experience is something that would run into a very detailed narrative. However, benefits that I can very clearly identify are: Reduced stressed levels and a better quality of sleep, Substantial reduction in anxiety, a better quality of interaction with others, a feeling of calmness and confidence, a softened attitude towards negative events of the past. Very definitely, Changing The Leopards Spots program is an excellent course for those seeking a higher level of confidence and positive thinking. Milind Kher, corporate Trainer, Mumbai 


The workshop is an experience to be felt. While writing about it I am short of words. Its the beliefs and the whole perception that governs oneself and makes one what he/she is. And one thing for sure Dr. Tavkarr actually turns everything upside down or i should say inside out.


Yes thats the kind of experience I had while going through the entire process, a process that brings you out and forces you, guides you to see from a third eye. 


The results are tremendous and astonishing and I was surprised to see how I have transformed in a NEW me. Things in the outer world do not change but the whole perspective is new and this very thing helps to interact and resolve in a way that automatically yields great result. 


I am much calmer, peaceful and happier than ever before and a big THANK YOU Doc for guiding me to explore this new me.


A must for everyone who wants to be really successful and peaceful in life with a new perspective. Deepali Patrikar, Seed Infotech


Dr Tavkarr in Changing The Leopards Spots Program level 1 works on belief system that governs ones thoughts, perception, attitude and actions.


To a great extent he manifests the amalgam of physical metaphysical and spiritual self that shapes and balances overall well being. 


To me this experience was a deep dive in to all influences that restructured my beliefs and thoughts. We worked and invoked the positive influences and created more acceptability around the negative ones. A lot of this is usually well read of in todays world, but seldom have we realized that professional help changes some of your experiences and perspectives forever, and for good. A must attend for all those who believe that self mastery leads to excellence for self and influences others to follow the league ~ Amey Shenwai, Barclays Technology 




It is a program, which deals with the central person called "YOU". The program frees you of your inhibition and re-awakens, rejuvenates, and re-forms your subconscious and conscious thinking. It makes you conquer your deepest fears and strengthens your belief in yourself. It gives you wings to fly high and follow your dreams.


The program is designed and delivered by Dr. Tavkarr and he is more than a facilitator. He enthuses a sense of confidence in you and makes you unleash your potential. He has designed the program after years of research into behavioural sciences and combines multiple techniques to better one's life.


He epitomes the meaning of GURU .


Thank you for bringing a change in the cognitive thinking of my life. You truly are a genius. ~ Poulome Nath ~ Management Faculty and Soft Skills Trainer




Understanding the Theory of The Mind, The Conscious and the Sub Conscious Mind

( Fundamentals of Psychoneuroimmunology ) Understanding the Brain and how do you store information in your brain 24 Self Assessment Tests to sychologically understand yourself and your personality type opening up your 5 senses



How you became the way you are YOUR personality type YOUR process of taking in and storing information  Breaking YOUR Negative Thinking Patterns Making changes in YOUR personality type Understanding what is YOUR way of Thinking Understanding what / who is controlling YOUR life today Cleaning up YOUR past Eliminating Fears and Phobias



Building YOUR Confidence Building YOUR Self Esteem Building YOUR Self Appreciation Larger Picture of YOUR Self and of YOUR Life



Building Peak Performance Strategies Rapport Building Process Powerful Meditations




Dr AS Tavkarr PhD, a Holistic Leadership Coach @ International Institute Of Holistic Leadership Development and a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Life Between Lives Therapist and Integrated Behavioural Coach @ Centre Of Enhancement Of Human Excellence, is a Corporate Trainer, Educator, Motivational Speaker, and a Columnist. His articles on Power and Theory of the Mind, Neuro Linguistic Programming, various aspects of Human Resources, General Management and Change Management have appeared in leading newspapers and magazines. Dr AS Tavkarr's articles have also featured in the newsletters of niche professional organizations and many in house magazines of various Management B Schools.


A Certified Master Hypnotist and Certified Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a member of the American Hypnosis Association, USA and also a member of National 


Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology, Florida, USA, he had the unique privilege of being trained in Hypnosis and NLP by some of the foremost experts and trainers and has attended several seminars conducted by internationally acclaimed experts like Dr William Horton, Dr Arthur Emrich and Dr Richard (Dick) McHugh, S.J., Dr Charles Allen Lingo, Jr. to name a few. Having been trained in these newer areas of mind science he uses an integrated approach to achieve quicker and more effective results while dealing with diverse mental and behavioural issues. 


Dr AS Tavkarr is also one of the foremost trainers in the country who has designed behaviourally integrated workshops for Top Management and Senior Management personals. He is also a Founder Member of International Association of Facilitators, USA, Member of the International Association of Coaches, USA and has extensively trained with Landmark Education USA.Dr AS Tavkarr is also trained as an Competency Mapping Assessor ( Assessed 500+ ACs / DCs ) and Behavioural Counsellor, a Graduate from the prestigious Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, University of Mumbai, Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade from Institute of Management Development and Research, Pune, a Masters In Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management and a Doctorate in Management from the University of Belford, USA. He has facilitated several workshops for leading business groups and Multinational Companies on intra-personal and inter-personal aspects. His forte, among other areas, also includes coaching and mentoring. 


Some of the prominent organization that have experienced from interactions with Dr A. Tavkarr are : Taj Group of Hotels, LG, Tata Motors, Tata Capital, Tata Yutaka, IBM, HINDALCO, Alfa Laval, BHEL, SAP Labs, Hewlett Packard, Cognizant, Sauer Danfoss India Pvt. Ltd., Lupin Laboratories, Symantec, ICICI Bank, CSC Computers, GCI Asia Technologies, EXL, Kalpataru Builders, Rohan Builders, Wipro, WNS, Panse Autocomp, Sahara India - Amby Valley, Magic Software, etc., only to name a few.


Dr AS Tavkarr keeps in touch and contributes to the young minds of India by visits to various B Schools / Management Colleges as a Guest Lecturer. Dr AS Tavkarr was associated with the Indira School of Management Studies Centre for International Business, which is the premier B School in Pune as their Academic Head. He is also the former HOD (IB) at the MITCON B School, Pune. He is also an approved Professor with the Canterbury University, UK for their MBA (HR) program. 


Dr AS Tavkarr, is a popular speaker at evening talks and forum addresses of Management Associations, he has addressed over 30,000 people till date on various topics. He has served on the Board of Various organizations viz. President of the Rotary Club of Pune North East, Vice Chairman of the Indian Society For Training And Development, Pune and as the Past President of Institute of Human Potential and Development, Pune and volunteers his time with various other institutes like, Institute of Management Consultants Of India, Pune, National HRD Network, Pune, National Institute of Personal Management, Pune, Maratha Chambers of Commerce and Agriculture, Pune, and Pune Management Association.


Dr. A. S. Tavkarr resides in Pune and is married to a Tanzanian National, and has a school going son and daughter.

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