Book Online Tickets for Holistic And Subconscious Alignment For , NewDelhi.  Think Healthy.. Live Healthy!!  Learn to manifest perfect health and peaceful mind with our one day workshop, focused on bringing absolute positive 180 degree shift into your body, mind and soul.  The growing “epidemic” of stress, l

Holistic And Subconscious Alignment For Health And Wellness


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About The Event

 Think Healthy.. Live Healthy!!

Learn to manifest perfect health and peaceful mind with our one day workshop, focused on bringing absolute positive 180 degree shift into your body, mind and soul.

The growing “epidemic” of stress, lifestyle diseases, and autoimmune diseases has no root cause according to mainstream medicine, yet that root cause seems simple to us: it’s really an epidemic of not loving the self and honouring our own divinity.

Your health is a mirror of your relationship to yourself and your body.

If you believe that you are a bad person, your cells are listening. If you believe that you are sick, your cells are listening. Likewise, if you believe that you are a beautiful being worthy of love and that you are healthy, your cells are listening.

Let's learn the healing techniques of discarding negative thought patterns and manifest perfect health.

Physiological Benefits:
1. Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
2. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
3. Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
4. Decreases muscle tension.
5. Enhances the immune system.
6. Drop in cholestrol levels, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.

Psychological Benefits:
1. Increases Serotonin level, influences mood and behaviour.
2. Reduces need and dependency on drugs, pills and pharmaceuticals.
3. Helps in quitting smoking and alcohol addiction.
4. Resolve phobias and fears.
5. Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
6. Improved relations at home and at work place.

Spiritual Benefits:
1. Provide peace of mind and happiness.
2. Bring body, mind and spirit in harmony.
3. Creates a deeper understanding with your higher self.
4. Helps you discover your purpose.
5. Experience a sense of oneness.
6. Increases the synchronicity in your life.

Life Changing Tools You will master:

1. Hypnotherapy
2. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
3. Violet Flame Meditation
4. Connecting to your higher self
5. Theta Healing Manifestation
6. Reiki Healing Attunement for Health

Course Content of NLP:

1. Defining Neuro Linguistic Programming
2. The History of NLP.
3. Neurological Alignment
4. Changing Beliefs
5. Swish Pattern
6. Removing Past Trauma
7. Timeline Therapy
8. Contrasitive Analysis
9. Parts Integration
10. Releasing Limiting Decisions
11. Building a Compelling Future

Divine Love, Light and Blessings!!

About facilitator;

Dr. Peeyush is an Orthopedic surgeon and a Mind Power Trainer who is committed to unlock the infinite power hidden in subconscious mind. He is passionate to help peoples use their inner powers of subconscious mind to manifest abundance and success in every walk of life and to make the so called 'Impossible' to "I M possible". He is a perfect example of marriage between the advanced medical science of west and sacred spirituality of east. He has conducted many workshops across India teaching peoples to unleash the infinite powers of their mind.

Ms. Seema Bhardwaj started her healing journey with Reiki practice almost 15years back. And she was amazed to see how miraculously reiki energy would heal people and any situation. She kept learning and experiencing different healing modalities.. various divine gifts of the almighty. She studied psychotherapy, mastered hypnosis and past life regression. She is an expert in Vastu Shastra. She always felt deep connection with the treasure of mother earth and love working with crystals, colors and aromas. She personally love to inspire and empower people through Meditation and sharing the joy of divine bliss through Spiritual Counseling. She feel so happy, gratuitous and indebted to god that he blessed her with his grace and made her a medium to spread love and light.

Event Charges; Rs. 3,600 per person

Early bird offer (up to 10 march)- Rs. 3000


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