Holi Run 2014

Holi Run 2014


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About The Event

Holi Run 2014 is a Holi Bash organized by the Decathlon Sports India Pvt. Ltd. The Holi Run, which is being organized at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport would be a 7 km, fun filled run, where the participants would get to enjoy the beauty of the nature at its best, while welcoming the season on spring.


The  Holi Run 2014 would be a fun event where the participants would get to splash eco friendly colors and play along the 7km trail and share the happiness of spring with everyone. This non timed run would take place close to the Decathlon Shamshabad store.


The  Holi Run 2014 is open for everyone irrespective of any age restrictions as the event is being organized as a mark of celebration. Although the event is open for everyone irrespective of age and kids below 7 can participate for free, it is mandatory for kids to be accompanied by a guardian.


All the registrants at the Holi Run 2014 would be provided a Decathlon Holi run tee along with race bib/number and big hugs.



Every Participent will Receive:



1. t shirt


2. eco friendly colours


3. water sipper bottles (memorabilia)


4. Refreshments


Additional Information:



1) Anyone of any age, children under 7 gets free entry but they won't get the participation kit.

2) All children must be supervised by an accompanying guardian.

3) Everyone participating must get registered.

4) Sunglasses are highly recommended. The powders are non toxic, but you can use a scarf or mask to protect nostrils and mouth in case you are sensitive to it. If you are thinking about bringing your phones, cameras or anything else then we suggest putting them in a waterproof/dust proof pouch. Bring shoes and clothes you don't mind getting coloured ans some of it may stay for a long time.



Allergy Advice: This event is not suitable if you have allergy to dust and colour powder.



Refunds:  Sadly we won't be able to do any refunds but you can surely get a friend or family or neighbour to take your place as long as it is 4 days before the event.

Terms & Conditions


I AGREE to comply with the rules , regulations , and event instructions of DECATHLON HOLI RUN 2014. 

I UNDERSTAND that running a marathon is a potentially hazardous activity and can result in serious injury or death. I am aware of and expressly assume all risks associated with running in the event, including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of weather, including high heat and humidity, traffic, and the condition.

IN CONSIDERATION of your accepting this entry, I for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release from any and all claims for injuries and damages I may have against the Organisers of the DECATHLON HOLI RUN  including all other related agencies in India, the Co- Sponsors , the Officials , the agents and representatives of the above and related agencies caused by the negligence of any of them arising out of my participation in this event, including pre and post race activities I ATTEST that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for completion.

I CONSENT to receive medical treatment which may be advisable in the event of illness or injuries suffered by me during this event, and I agree to pay for the costs of my medical treatment. 

I GIVE PERMISSION for the free use of my name , voice or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion or other account of this event 

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