Hogwarts Halloween Feast The Magical Glow Edition

Hogwarts Halloween Feast The Magical Glow Edition


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About The Event

Hey Bangalore,

Do you still remember that bullied small boy who
used to live under the stairs? The boy who was
abused, scolded and made to do all household
chores? Until that boy realized his abilities. Until
that boy knew what he was born for. Do you, do
you still remember that Boy Who Lived?

Because if you do, then it’s high time we do
something in memory of that boy. And what
better occasion for that than this Halloween.

After all, the most highly anticipated feast which
most Hogwarts students look forward to every
year is cominggg!! And it’s coming to Bangalore
this time!! Candy filled pumpkins, orange
streamers, special drinks and all other sorts of
Harry Potter Halloween stuff are going to show up
this time at none other than the most elite place
Hilton Hotel.

And what more!! There is always some surprise
entertainment at the end of Harry Potter
Halloween feast every year and this year is going
to be no different. Take a deep breath and get
ready to step up with a
gazillion magical glow bands, massive set-
up, and neon lights. Enjoy a super thrilling night
which goes much beyond one’s imagination.

And to add to it, all the girls aka Hermoines in the
house will be pampered with free magical
complimentary drinks. Oh Yes, this year’s feast
just keeps on getting better and better!

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